Creating a Tablescape

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People rarely understand the basics of a tablescape until they are diving into their wedding planning journey.  In fact most people probably don’t even know what a “tablescape” is or why it has any importance whatsoever.  I think it is safe to say that the moment you begin wedding planning, a whole new style of thinking makes its way into your life.  In fact, many couples never even realized what it actually takes to create the oohs and aahs that we all hope for when guests enter the wedding reception or really how bad we want that to happen.  Every couple wants a wedding day that is going to be remembered and while your love story is certainly a huge part of it, we can’t help but hope the decor plays a role in it too! 

Creating a tablescape is really an artform and something we definitely think should be left for a professional to handle, however we think that couples should understand the work and effort behind these beautiful works of art…because that’s exactly what they are. Your reception is a blank canvas in the beginning so let’s chat about all the magic that goes into making your vision come alive.

First Things First…What in the World is a Tablescape?!?

A tablescape is basically a term that combines all of the elements of your table arrangement; centerpieces and place settings.  It basically describes the overall decoration and landscape of your wedding.  A tablescape is a dining table that is curated to create a wow factor; to bring together a style that has a foundation of many different elements. Textiles, textures, glassware, tableware, stationary, lighting, accessories and of course flowers. Each element is layered and placed meticulously to create a dimensional effect that presents itself in a very special design. This is what ties in the overall style and vibe of the wedding.  So to put it plainly, the heart of the decor at your wedding reception.  So now that we know what is needed let’s talk about the steps that make it happen.

The Blank Canvas 

Building off of neutral or muted color table linens is very similar to beginning your work of art on a blank canvas.  Don’t get us wrong we love a strong color palette, but starting off with something less punchy will make it much easier to build intrigue through colorful texture. If white or ivory is just too plain for you, light gray, powder blue and blush all fall into a neutral color palette when it comes to wedding decor.

Bring on the Flowers 

Wedding florals are perhaps my favorite part of the decor. Two things to remember when working with flowers on your tablescape is balance and color.  Do not be scared to add color with your flowers, whether you desire rich or toned down hues, the flowers are what will help tie it all together.  When it comes to types of centerpieces, a professional will give you tips on how to balance everything. If you are planning on having a lot of tableware and want to make sure conversation is cohesive, taller centerpieces may work better.  It helps to limit the crowding on the table but also guarantees eye contact.  On the contrary, if you are not planning on overflowing your table with glassware, favors and accessories, keeping your centerpieces low will offer a beautiful touch. Or maybe you want a little bit of both, as well as, greenery and foliage.  Think of your flowers as the jewel in the crown when it comes to wedding decor, they are definitely the most impactful element of tablescaping.

Make Your “Plate” in this World 

Now it’s time to add some symmetry to your tablescape.  This is the real game changer because a symmetrical table is what makes it harmonious and appealing to the eye.  Monochromatic plates coupled with a more ornate charger really makes the place setting pop. If you are going with a more minimalistic style with your plates, the use of a metallic or textured charger will up the ante.  Remember mixing rather than matching is what really sets your tablescape apart.

Gilded Accents 

If you are looking to add some metallics to your tablescape, one of the easiest ways to do so is through your cutlery and glassware.  Gold-rimmed glasses and gilded cutlery are perfect for enhancing your table settings.  A “gold moment” will never be missed and incorporating it through some of your tableware is a perfect way not to overdo it.  Doing low vases in gold for your floral centerpieces or metallic table number holders are also an impactful way to incorporate some glitz. 

Light It Up 

I think we can all agree that candlelight evokes romance, and what is more romantic than a wedding?  Whether you decide to add some sparkle through tealights or tall tapers, the use of candlelight just adds another dimension to the tablescape.  The varying heights can also be used together to create more balance.  When creating a tablescape we want to generate a certain ambience and candles are one of the easiest ways to achieve that.

Textures,Textiles, Style and Colors 

Tablescaping is all about layering.  The linens used as we are creating our dining tables are a great way to incorporate texture.  It is okay to go beyond cotton, you can also use velvet, silk, chiffon and linen.  All of these textiles work to build your tablescape.  Using patterned or colorful fabrics can also be another way to add design.  Your style and color can really come through in your textiles as well.  Choosing a color palette with some contrasting hues is a great touch and once again creates a beautiful balance.  Make sure that your style and vision shine through in your tablescapes, this is one of the most important decor moments of your wedding and you want to make sure it ties into everything you have envisioned.

Tablescaping is really an art form.  If you take the time to scroll through Pinterest or even check out some of our favorite works of art, you will see just how much goes into creating a dining table at a wedding.  It is a magical and enchanting moment and probably one the most beautiful elements of the day.  
The details  are some of the most exciting elements of your wedding day, from decor to over the top food to unique entertainment.  If you would like to read more about special touches that make your wedding a day to remember, check out our blog;  It’s All in the Details: Our Favorite Wedding Day Extras to Enhance Your  Guest Experience.

Follow along for our best tips, tricks, and advice that we've gathered after almost a decade of making wedding magic happen! 



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