The Ultimate 30 Day Wedding Task Checklist

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It seems hard to believe that the day you have been waiting for is a mere month away.  So whether it took you two years to plan your special day or you put it together over the last two months, the same holds true for all couples…. the final month before the big day brings with it unanticipated planning tasks, stress galore and moments of pure panic. 

 As you embark on the final month of your planning journey we thought it would be helpful to give you a checklist of some of your last month wedding tasks broken down by week.  While the tension may seem over the top, just remember this is going to be your best day ever regardless of how perfect every little detail is.  Do your best to be prepared but focus on being completely immersed in every captivating moment, because it only happens once!!

Four Weeks Out 

So here we are, four weeks from your special day.  Here are some of the things we think you should focus on this week.  Remember taking care of yourself is of utmost importance, so work in some time for self-care; get a massage, take a stroll with your soon to be spouse or have a nice, healthy dinner. 

  • Send out Rehearsal Dinner Invites.  Etiquette states that all of your close family, plus wedding party (with a plus one) should be extended an invite to this shindig. While all of the details of the rehearsal dinner should already be in place, now is the time to send out the invites.
  • Write Your Vows.   Starting now will allow you some time to write from the heart and will also give you enough time to step away from them if you are having writer’s block. 
  • Buy Gifts.  Giving your wedding party and parents a small token of appreciation is not mandatory but it is always a nice gesture for the group that has been by your side for this amazing journey.

Three Weeks Out

As we inch closer, remember to get the sleep and exercise you need to stay healthy in this anxiety provoking time of your life.  You want to feel your best on your wedding day! 

  • Nail Down Your Ceremony.  Make sure to let your officiant know of any special details for your ceremony. Now is also the time to make sure you have chosen your readers and any other VIPS that will take part in the ceremony. 
  • Get Your Guest Book in Order.  Whether you are purchasing one or making one, make sure your guest book is all ready to go.  Don’t forget to pick up some of your favorite pens too. 
  • Contact the Guests that Haven’t RSVP’d. You will need to give your venue and caterer a final headcount soon so make sure to reach out to those that haven’t given you a yes or no! 
  • Apply for Marriage License. Congrats you are officially married!! Make sure to have this before your big day gets here so it’s official once the officiant signs on the dotted line.  

Two Weeks Out 

Two short weeks away, it may feel like the pressure is on, but we promise you got this!  Take this time to get your hair cut and colored so that you are not worrying about that the week of.  It is also a great idea to spend some time doing things you love, so you stay in a relaxed state as we get closer to your big day! 

  • Create your Seating Chart. This is often one of the most stressful tasks of the planning journey. Take your time working on this over the week, and try not to stress.  Afterall, we really want our guests on the dancefloor not in their seats!
  • Prepare your Welcome Bags.  Care packages for your out-of-town guests are always a sweet gesture and a way to introduce them to some of the things you love most about your wedding locale. 
  • Make Favors. Packaging, labeling, creating…whatever special touches you are adding to your favors, now is the time to do it. 
  • Break in Those Shoes. Practice wearing those lovely accessories around the house so you can go the mile in them on your wedding day!  Bonus points if you practice dancing!!!
  • Final Dress Fitting. This is one of those moments that seems surreal.  The last time you will be making any changes to your beautiful gown.  Come prepared with any undergarments, shows and jewelry you will be wearing on your wedding day! 

One Week Out 

Can you feel the excitement buzzing?  This is a truly intoxicating and special week.  This week will fly by but make sure to take some time for yourself this week, doing something you love to do alone! After this week, your single days are a thing of the past! 

  • Pick Up Your Dress. It is a euphoric feeling to know your dress is home with you.  Make sure to keep it on a padded hanger in a breathable muslin bag.
  • Pick up Your Wedding Bands.  Pick up these sparkly beauties and then promptly hand them off to your best man for safekeeping!  
  • Confirm Vendor Timelines. Confirm any and all timelines and ask any last minute questions.  Make sure to provide any specific instructions or details that should not be missed. Remember this is your dream team, they got this! 
  • Assign and Delegate. Decide who will be picking up all the envelopes from the card box and who will be tipping your dream team.  These are tasks you do not want to have to worry about at your party, and knowing someone you can trust is handling them will put you at ease. 
  • Gather and Deliver.  Drop off anything important to your venue beforehand.  Guest book, toasting flutes, cake knife, etc.  Knowing everything is in its place, will help take the edge off during the last couple moments before your big day! 

So…you are all set! All ready to walk down the aisle to the love of your life.  Ready to embark on married life…the real gift.  Take your time and take it all in.  This is truly one of the most magical moments of your life and we promise you won’t want to miss a thing.

Follow along for our best tips, tricks, and advice that we've gathered after almost a decade of making wedding magic happen! 



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