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Photo by Jared Ladia Photography   Weddings are steeped in history, in fact no matter the culture, religion or customs, wedding rituals, whether quirky or sentimental, began to emerge centuries ago. As you embark on your own wedding journey, it shouldn’t come as a  surprise that most are still practiced.  While it is completely up […]

To Have and to Hold…Off On: Wedding Traditions that you May or May Not Work for You 

Wedding Traditions & Etiquette

Photo by 3 Cats Photo Let this sink in…an average wedding within the United States can exceed $35,000 and that doesn’t even include the honeymoon! In the areas where we plan (Charlottesville and the DC, Maryland, NoVa area) that’s just the tip of the iceberg with a lot of our couples spending double to triple […]

Out With the Old In With the New: Who Pays for What When Planning a Wedding?

Wedding Traditions & Etiquette

Unless you have taken a trip down the aisle before (or if you plan weddings for a living) getting engaged brings with it many “firsts”.  As we all know when we are faced with something for the first time, there are many new things to learn…wedding etiquette is one of them.  As you embark on […]

Five Wedding Etiquette Mistakes to Avoid 

Wedding Traditions & Etiquette

One of the most common things that I’m asked as a Wedding Planner during the planning process is “Will it be strange if we don’t do this?”.  I’ve talked about this on many occasions, but the beautiful reality is that most of my couples are throwing old traditions in the backseat while driving full speed […]

A Disappearing Act: The Low Down on Fast Fading Wedding Traditions

Wedding Traditions & Etiquette

When planning a wedding it’s extremely easy to get caught up in the minutia of all of the details.  The perfect ivory wedding gown, the trendiest bouquets, and planning the honeymoon… One minute you’re getting engaged, and the next you are in DEEP.  But even if you aren’t planning a “traditional wedding”, no one ever […]

Why Am I Doing This Anyway? An Abbreviated History of Wedding Traditions and How They Became Habits

Wedding Traditions & Etiquette

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