Why Am I Doing This Anyway? An Abbreviated History of Wedding Traditions and How They Became Habits

wedding traditions

When planning a wedding it’s extremely easy to get caught up in the minutia of all of the details.  The perfect ivory wedding gown, the trendiest bouquets, and planning the honeymoon… One minute you’re getting engaged, and the next you are in DEEP.  But even if you aren’t planning a “traditional wedding”, no one ever stops to ask exactly why the things that become so important during the planning process became a thing in the first place.  Luckily, as a wedding professional, I’ve stumbled across a few answers in my day!

White Wedding Dresses

Well, who doesn’t want to get all dolled up for the most important day of their lives?  The white wedding dress has come to symbolize a bride’s purity and in a modern world, brides are definitely straying away from tradition by wearing anything from off-white, to champagne, to pale pink to avoid this one.  Rumor has it that Queen Victoria was the #girlboss who shunned tradition by wearing a white, lace gown at her wedding which was actually seen as an act of defiance. But as this fashion faux pas became in fashion and gained popularity, it’s symbolism morphed to fit the times.  The patriarchy is real my friends.

The Bouquet

In pagan celebrations, the bridal bouquet was made of herbs and other scented items to ward off spirits and the like.  Fast forward to hundreds of years later, and flowers were carried to hide the fact that the bride and groom may or may not have showered in the recent past.  Aren’t you happy that we just carry them for a good photo op?!

The Honeymoon  

Believe it or not, honeymoons weren’t just a thing that was made up to escape after the stresses of wedding planning.  Apparently, the word honeymoon comes from a centuries-old tradition wherein couples would drink mead and honey on the first new moon cycle after their wedding day. How this evolved into being whisked away to an extravagant luxury resort after the “I dos”?… I’m not quite certain that anyone does. But if we are going to have spinoffs to create new traditions from old, I can 100% back this one!  

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