Happy Anniversary To Us… With a Sprinkle of Marriage Advice: A Planner’s Opinion on Anniversary Gifts

So it’s officially the end of our official holiday season this week (good thing that we get to celebrate almost every weekend with our amazing couples after this!).  Not only is Thursday Valentine’s Day, but it’s Anyvent’s 5 year anniversary! I’ve planned events throughout my career in Property Management, but it was February 14, 2014, that I took the leap and made my passion my job… well, my side hustle at the time! Fast-forward to 5 years later and I’ve been lucky enough to make Anyvent my full-time job and dedicate all of my time creating a fun and calming experience for all of the awesome couples that I get to work with!  But enough about Anyvent…. Let’s talk anniversaries! Specifically, making anniversary gift giving fun.


We’ve all heard about specific anniversaries having specific gifts representing each year of marriage, but a lot of those ideas are old and antiquated.  I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll be good with not getting a set of china for my 20th anniversary. Just like everything else in the wedding world, I’m of the opinion that traditions are meant to be broken… or at least modernized.  Here are some of my favorite modern anniversary gift giving ideas for you and your sweetheart for the years to come.

1st Anniversary:  Paper

This one is a cakewalk… trust me, it gets harder to get creative as the years go on. There are so many fun things that you can do for this one.  Does your better half like to journal?… sounds like it’s your lucky anniversary! Or why not get sentimental and frame a map of the pinpointed location that you met or shared a favorite memory together (you’re welcome for that one!).  One of my personal favorites is giving envelopes labeled with instructions to open on different moments throughout the next year… i.e. “open when you are feeling stressed” or “open when you are up for an adventurous date night”. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving in the most fun and playful way!

5th Anniversary:  Wood

A recent wedding that we did back in December gave me all of the ammunition that I needed for this one.  I’m normally not one for flowers, but this idea is too cool to pass up for the “Wooden Anniversary”. My bride found a company that made all of the bouquets and boutonnieres for the wedding out of wood!  These were just about the coolest thing that I’ve seen in the world of artificial flowers…literally…mind BLOWN. All to say that a wooden bouquet, maybe reminiscent of your wedding colors, might make a sentimental statement in a shadow box in a living room near you!

Those flowers are made of wood!
Photography by Stephen Marsh Photography

10th Anniversary:  Tin/Aluminum

This is a tough one… but where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Who wouldn’t enjoy getting a tin full of sentimental items from over the past 10 years, or of their favorite things? Want something that can be displayed so that your sweetie can see it on a daily basis? They make the most awesome soundwave art that can be inscribed on metal.  Soundwave art, you say? Yes! You can record yourself saying any secret message that your heart desires, and the sound waves create a true work of art that speaks for itself (pun intended!).   

I could go on and on forever about this, but I guess you will just have to tune in on our 10-year anniversary to hear the rest of our crafty gift ideas.  We think we’ve seen it all by now, but I can only imagine what the future holds. Who knows, maybe I’ll be doing the blogs by hologram at that point (cue “The Twilight Zone” music hehe).  

Until next time!  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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