Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow: The Reasons We Love Winter Weddings

Yay for snow days!  If you’re like me, I was trapped in the house today… with the exception of my quarter-mile trek on foot in the snow to get lunch from my favorite chicken spot in Alexandria (oh the things I will do for food!).  I used to think of snow and all things winter as inconvenient, at best. But as the years wear on, I find that I like winter more and more. Wedding planning only gives me more of a reason to continue this new-found romance with this season.  Here are a few of my favorite things about winter weddings!

The Fashion

I am such a fan of the timeless elegance that long sleeve wedding dresses bring to the table.  Even though I would consider this look timeless, it’s so versatile in regard to being either traditional or modern.  This is one of my favorite new modern trends as designers are starting to use really clean lines and unique details to modernize this look.  Not a fan of being so covered up? Long sleeve dresses allow little peekaboo details elsewhere. Show off that toned back or plunging neckline if you’re feeling feisty!

Accessories are also something to take advantage of when it comes to winter wedding fashion. If you aren’t sold on the idea of a long-sleeved wedding dress, you definitely have options when it comes to winterizing your strapless selection.  Nothing does it for me more than a vintage fur shrug (OK, OK… faux fur shrug). There is just something so romantic about the look, not to mention all of the beautiful photo ops during your outdoor photo session… fingers crossed for flurries!

Winter wedding fashion doesn’t have to stop with the couple of the hour.  You can use the season to your advantage when thinking of practical guest favors.  Pashminas for the ladies or blankets for all are always a crowd-pleaser.


The Opportunity to Have a Hot Toddy Signature Cocktail

Yes please!  Seasonal cocktails are half of the reason that I look forward to the holidays… Just kidding mom!  In all seriousness, hot toddy signature cocktails give you an edge when treating your guests to a little something special and unexpected.  We can even get a interactive with a spiked coffee station to put a little extra pep in everyone’s step as they dance the night away.

Three Words:  HOT CHOCOLATE BAR   

I love everything about this.  As a Planner, I crave things that allow me to create something unique and personalized, and specialty stations allow me to do just that! This seasonal and tasty station can be enhanced with as many goodies as your heart desires.  Peppermint flavored stirrers? Yup! Butterscotch morsels? Check! Marshmallows? YAAAAS.

Until next time!   I hope that everyone uses this snowy, cold weather as an opportunity to snuggle with someone you love.  If it’s warm where you are… Snuggle anyway!

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