And They Lived Happily Ever After…But First…: Ten Things To Do After Tying the Knot 

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There is no denying that every newlywed couple needs a little R&R after the big day is over.  The exhaustion of planning, coupled with the anticipation and excitement of the big day is enough to send anyone into a brief period of hibernation.  So whether you are jet setting off to somewhere tropical or just turning off from the world for a few days, time together to relax and reminisce is key to begin unwinding.

Once you re-emerge as a newly married couple, you may begin to feel a slight pang that the thrill is over but don’t fret,  the planning party doesn’t end there. The after wedding to-do list is ready and waiting. We promise there is still plenty to do once you’ve said “I do”. Read on for a list of ten things to conquer once the wedding bells have stopped ringing. 

Change Your Name…If You Want To 

For some this is a no-brainer. Taking your spouse’s name is exciting and makes it feel real to some. While the idea of changing your name is exhilarating, it can sometimes be a lot of work. If you do make the decision to change your name, try and begin the process shortly after you receive your marriage license. Make sure to change your social security card, drivers license, passport,  bank accounts and credit cards.  Furthermore make sure to let your employer know so that changes can be made to your tax documents and insurance policies. 

Write All of Your Thank You’s 

Etiquette states that thank you’s should be complete within two months after you tied the knot, but let’s face it, it is a daunting task and if you are trying to make each and every one personal (which we think you should), the task becomes even more difficult.  The best way to tackle those pesky thank you notes is to try and do a few per day.  This will make the task feel more manageable and less of a burden. Conquering this task over a week or so, can also ensure that you don’t get too behind and end up with an overwhelming pile of unwritten thank you notes. 

Freeze Your Wedding Cake 

Thanks to tradition…you don’t have to let those yummy wedding cake memories end with that last bite.  Some couples save the top tier of their wedding cake to freeze it and then enjoy it again on their one year anniversary.  Although we are always looking for an excuse to eat more cake and we love the idea of this fun tradition…if your stomach turns with the idea of eating a freezer burnt cake, there is no harm in ordering a replica…made fresh, and enjoying that on your one year anniversary instead. In fact, a lot of bakeries have caught on and include an anniversary cake as part of your wedding package! 

Preserve Your Attire 

No matter what you chose to walk down the aisle in, you should plan on getting your attire professionally cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding day.  If you are hopping on a plane shortly after your final farewell, make sure to appoint someone you can trust to take care of this task.   If you are planning on preserving your gown, because after all a dress as beautiful as yours deserves safekeeping, be aware that this process is a bit more costly and time consuming than just a basic cleaning. It can take many weeks to properly clean and preserve your dress, so we suggest jumping on this task as soon as possible. 

Close Out Your Wedding Registry 

Stop trying to convince yourself that you need two toasters…take stock in all of your gifts you did and did not receive.  Re-evaluate what you will definitely need and use and also what you can live without.  If there is something you were coveting but did not receive, take the opportunity to purchase it before it is too late. Another bonus of having a registry is that when it comes time to close it out, a sweet discount is usually attached, making it a little easier to bite the bullet and purchase some of the things you really wanted but did not receive. 

Create Your Wedding Album 

Every bride stalks her email within moments of tying the knot, waiting for a message  saying the photos are ready. Getting a second chance to relive all those beautiful moments through your proofs is probably one of the most uplifting moments after the wedding is over. Once you are done fawning over your gorgeous pics (take your time, we totally get it), begin to decide on what you want to do with them.  Choose some for your album and your thank you’s and don’t forget all those glossies that are going right into frames for all of your guests to see. 

Share Your Photos 

 One of the perks of having an unplugged wedding is that you get to be the first person to post wedding photos on social media and beyond.  Once you receive your wedding pictures, make sure to begin sharing them with all of your loved ones. Chances are they are just as excited to catch a glimpse!  

Thank and Review Your Wedding Vendors 

Nothing says thank you like a glowing review. Show your vendors some love by letting future bride and grooms know just how amazing their services are. Make sure to tackle this job while the highlights are still fresh in your mind so you can provide the most sincere feedback.  These people are the backbone of your wedding, they were the reason everything came together…so go ahead and make it public. 

Plan Something New

I know what you’re thinking…you just spent months planning the biggest party of your life, how can that be topped?! Start planning something new to look forward to; it’s not going to outshine your wedding, but it certainly gives you something to be excited about.  Plan a romantic getaway or a dinner party…this will help ward off those post wedding blues.  Invite friends over for a happy hour to try out some of your new barware, perhaps throw a “name changing” bash or simply plan that one year anniversary vacay for the two of you. We promise…before you know it you will be counting down the days to your next milestone. 

Write Down Your Favorite Wedding Memories 

I am not going to lie…this is my very favorite thing to do after tying the knot. Jot down some of those special moments from your wedding day.  You and your spouse will have a blast looking back on funny moments from your day.  Don’t leave out the tear-jerking, sentimental moments either, because let’s face it, those are the real highlights.  Another great idea is to make a bucket list of all of your future goals as a married couple…do I hear the sweet sounds of a baby rattle in your future? 

So you see, the planning isn’t quite over once the wedding day is.  After such a magical day filled with family, friends, food and dancing goes off without a hitch, it is hard to imagine that there are still tasks to conquer.  So take some time to relax and then jump right into the next exciting endeavor as a married couple.  Cheers to a happily ever after!


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