Celebrating Thankfulness: Giving Back After Getting So Much for Your Wedding

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Over the years the trend of weddings has slowly evolved from the once “be all and end all” into a more mindful and conscious event. Couples are looking for a more human experience, becoming more aware of the impact their wedding day has on a community and the environment. What better time to discuss how to give back throughout and after your wedding than now with the holiday season fast approaching. Plus, there is something special about beginning your marriage with actions to give back…a little always goes a long way.

Register for Donations 

If you and your spouse are already established, why not ask your guests to make a charitable donation in lieu of gifts. If you have a charity that is near and dear to your heart, ask your guests to make a donation; a special gift that will go a long way. Another way to give back is to register for gifts that you can then donate to a shelter or nursing home. Gifting brand new towels and sheets or pots and pans to organizations that usually take gently used items would be a very beautiful way to spread the love.

Dollar Dance Donations 

Some couples will have a traditional dollar dance at their wedding ceremony as a nod to starting the bride and groom off in a good financial place. A perfect turn of events could be to use this money to make a donation to an organization (think homeless shelter or food pantry). If you let your guests know this ahead of time, I can guarantee you will walk away with a sizable donation.  What a generous way to begin your life together.

Celebrate by Volunteering 

Just returned from your honeymoon? Been married for a month? Why not celebrate by giving back. Doing something that promotes togetherness but also helps out your community is a great way to lend your support and time to an organization. Plant some trees, pick up trash, volunteer at a local hospital or spend some time at a nursing home.  

Give Back with Your Thank Yous

Some people just have giving back in their DNA and these are the people that we should support because it will always have a ripple effect. When deciding on your thank you stationary, try choosing a company that donates a portion of their revenue to a charity. We spend a lot on our wedding thank yous, so just imagine the sizable donation you can be making. 

I urge you to consider something as you take this wedding planning journey…you will interact with many people during this process. Each of those interactions gives you the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Being kind is always the best thing you can give…we never know what someone is going through. And let’s face it, the wedding industry is high stress and high pressure, it is no small gift when you can remain kind to the people that are doing the best they can to make your day beautiful. 

Giving is contagious and promotes social interaction and when you give back at your wedding you urge others to do the same in their personal lives. The modern wedding is an ideal moment to showcase and demonstrate the act of giving. While your wedding should always be about the love the two of you share, it is also a beautiful gesture to give back after you have received so much.   

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