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It seems hard to believe that the day you have been waiting for is a mere month away.  So whether it took you two years to plan your special day or you put it together over the last two months, the same holds true for all couples…. the final month before the big day brings […]

The Ultimate 30 Day Wedding Task Checklist


Photo by Aaron Watson Photography   There you are with your head in the clouds…you are engaged and about to embark on a very exciting journey.  But (unfortunately), first things first…come down from the clouds because we need to talk “budget”. While it is safe to say that creating a wedding budget is no walk […]

What Goes Into A Wedding Budget? 

You're Engaged, Now What?

Audra Jones Photography There is no denying that every newlywed couple needs a little R&R after the big day is over.  The exhaustion of planning, coupled with the anticipation and excitement of the big day is enough to send anyone into a brief period of hibernation.  So whether you are jet setting off to somewhere […]

And They Lived Happily Ever After…But First…: Ten Things To Do After Tying the Knot 


Photo by Aaron Watson Photography Okay, so as you know planning a wedding leaves you with plenty of stuff to think about…dresses, flowers, your bridal party and so many other things that you probably don’t even realize yet.  However, there is one decision that takes the cake…choosing your wedding venue.  This aspect of wedding planning […]

Know Before You Go: A Wedding Planner’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue 

Vendor Selection

Unless you have taken a trip down the aisle before (or if you plan weddings for a living) getting engaged brings with it many “firsts”.  As we all know when we are faced with something for the first time, there are many new things to learn…wedding etiquette is one of them.  As you embark on […]

Five Wedding Etiquette Mistakes to Avoid 

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