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Photo by Audra Jones Photography Did you know that wedding planning is not all rainbows and sunshine? To the unknowing bystander, the period of engagement is all about love, romance and warm embraces. But…the truth is that wedding planning is definitely going to bring with it moments of stress and subsequently some tiny quarrels and […]

Keeping the Love Alive While Planning Your Wedding 

You're Engaged, Now What?

Photo by Meredith Coe Photography Choosing a wedding date will probably be one of the most significant decisions you and your soon to be spouse will make during the planning process. This one decision will impact every other decision you will make.  You may already know the venue of your dreams, the perfect flowers to […]

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Date 

You're Engaged, Now What?

Photo by Aaron Watson Photography   There you are with your head in the clouds…you are engaged and about to embark on a very exciting journey.  But (unfortunately), first things first…come down from the clouds because we need to talk “budget”. While it is safe to say that creating a wedding budget is no walk […]

What Goes Into A Wedding Budget? 

You're Engaged, Now What?

Photo by Audra Jones Photography Tis the season…for diamond rings, clinking champagne glasses, and saying “yes”.  As the holiday season approaches,  not only are we gearing up to give and receive but couples everywhere are taking the next step together.  Welcome to engagement season… the time of year when saying “will you marry me” is […]

You Said Yes!: How to Announce Your Engagement 

You're Engaged, Now What?

If you ask my husband, shopping is a great talent of mine.  Call it a hazard of the trade… I love purchasing things that will make ordinary things look beautiful.  Whether that involves picking out the curtains that perfectly match my office paint color or picking out the perfect color ribbon to complete one of […]

Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Register: A Planner’s Perspective on What to Put on Your Wedding Registry

You're Engaged, Now What?

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