We’re Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday! A Planner’s Perspective on Hosting Your Wedding on Recurring Special Days

It’s January… and in my world, the “holiday season” is far from being over.  Celebrations in my family last throughout the entire month because almost everyone in my family is born in January (including yours truly!).  If you haven’t figured this out about me yet, I LOVE any excuse to celebrate. So much so that I’ve built an entire career around it! I always look fondly upon family “holidays” as those are when the best memories are made.  But what about hosting a life-changing event, namely a wedding, on a family holiday or regular holiday for that matter? Let’s look at both sides of the coin:

Holiday Weekends

We love the idea of hosting weddings on holiday weekends strictly from a convenience standpoint.  If you get married on the Saturday of a holiday weekend, it gives your guests enough time to travel home if its a destination wedding and it allows local guests to have a “full” regular weekend after the wedding to take care of their personal business or simply relax.  Just be mindful of your crowd. If your best friends always goes on an annual mountain biking tour on Labor Day Weekend, or your future in-laws have hosted a 4th of July BBQ for the past 25 years, you may want to steer clear. If you do decide to host your wedding on a holiday weekend, be sure to give your guests plenty of notice so that they can block off that particular holiday far in advance.    

In case you were wondering… this is the birthday cake of my dreams:


How awesome would it be to have 150 of your closest family and friends sing happy birthday to you after cutting your wedding cake?  Sounds pretty cool to me! Birthday weddings can be a wonderful opportunity to have the biggest birthday celebration of all time AND it guarantees that you and your spouse will never forget your anniversary (of course you would never anyway… :)).  Just keep in mind that although we know that you’ll probably be married forever and ever, your wedding anniversary will always be on your birthday… whether you continue to celebrate your anniversary or not… catch my drift? If you do decide to go this route, you should make one thing clear from the beginning:  NO COMBINING GIFTS!  

I’m off to eat my body weight in cake… Until next time lovebirds!  

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