It’s All in the Details: Our Favorite Wedding Day Extras to Enhance Your Guest Experience 

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Here at Anyvent, we have seen our fair share of weddings…and just about every wedding trend out there.  From unique transportation for the bride and groom to Pinterest-worthy dessert bars that will leave your mouth watering, it is the unique details that enhance your guest experience…and your memories!   But how do you decide how to personalize your wedding?  Personalization is all about using elements of your big day to showcase your personalities and your history, all while focusing on the things you both love. When deciding what enhancements will “wow” your guests make sure you are also representing the awesome couple that you are!

For the Foodies

Let’s face it if you love food, then you are going to want your guests to be impressed by what you have to offer.  Wedding food is usually pretty tasty, but adding some enhancements will really set your wedding apart from the rest.  Some of the greatest food enhancements that we have seen are Roaming Raw Bars, Sushi Stations, Food Trucks and Make Your Own Taco Bars.  Cocktail hour is a great time to introduce your guests to some of these extras.  Roaming Raw Bars take passed hor d’oeuvres to the next level, and quite honestly anything can become a roaming bar…we dare you to use your imagination. For the sushi lovers, there is nothing better than freshly rolled and custom made.  So if you and your betrothed love sushi, we suggest adding this to your menu! 

Being creative with your food is fun and guests will love it.  If you don’t love the idea of taking time away from the party to sit down and eat, then think of incorporating food that is easy to eat with your hands but packs a real punch.  It might not be as classy as a fancy sit down dinner, but we promise your guests will not forget it.  Think food trucks, custom wood fired pizza and taco bars.  

Libations are for Lovers 

Sometimes a celebration calls for a drink!  And since there is no bigger celebration than a wedding…why not go all out with your drink offerings? We love the idea of a tasting bar during cocktail hour. After all, cocktail hour is the right time to include any activities that will involve mixing, mingling and active discussion.   Depending on your “poison” of choice, you can invite your guests to taste various handcrafted beers, tequila, whiskey or wine flights.  Another option can be a mobile bar, and by mobile we do not mean waiters walking around with glasses of champagne.  Use your imagination to come up with modes of transportation ( think Bubbly on Wheels)  that will highlight this awesome idea and watch your guests smile when they no longer have to wait on line for a drink.  If alcohol is not your thing, a sparkling lemonade stand (just think about the childhood memories) and a sorbet cart are great ways to incorporate something unique into your day! 

Music is my Muse 

It goes without saying that music is a must at weddings. But once you decide if you are a band or DJ type couple, it doesn’t have to end there. Your wedding day may call for different types of music.  If you are a lover of all things music, then stepping up your music game is a definite must. Sure you want to dance the night away when you are at your reception, but your ceremony and cocktail hour may call for different types of music.  A string quartet or acapella group as you walk down the aisle can certainly set a mood…beautiful music for a beautiful moment.  Maybe you want to kick it up a notch during cocktail hour.  While we still want to encourage mingling and chatting, some fun background music can really enhance the atmosphere.  A jazz trio, spanish guitar players, mariachi band, bluegrass group or barbershop quartet are all awesome extras that will make for a stand out wedding. Finding the right kind of music that represents you is an enhancement that your guests will be thinking about for years to come. 

Say Cheese

Although cheese fondue would be an excellent addition to any wedding,  this time I am  talking about a photo booth.  Setting up a mini photo studio during the reception for guests to ham it up in front of the camera is not only fun but also a great keepsake for all your loved ones.  Bonus points if you include lots of silly props to enhance the photos! We promise your guests will love a little photo booth fun. 

For the Art Enthusiasts 

Hire an artist to live paint your ceremony or reception.  They will create a work of art out of the happiest day of your life and a treasure that you can display for years to come. 

For the Cigar Aficionado

Big celebrations call for a cigar.  Of course the best man can casually hand out cigars to anyone that would like one, but a cigar rolling station really ups the ante. Take your cigar bar to the next level and hire a professional cigar roller to be on site.  

End the Night With a Sweet Treat

Ending your night in a sweet way should definitely go beyond just wedding cake.  Although we are all for big, multi-tiered beautiful cakes, we also love a little something extra that really packs a punch.  If you are getting married during the warmer months, we love the idea of a sno-cone maker, a popsicle bar or an ice cream stand.  Your guests will love a sweet treat while chilling out after a night of dancing!  If you are getting married during the cooler months, there are also some great options: a donut wall, a dessert bar with all of your favorite and most cherished family recipes (think hot apple pie)  or a hot chocolate bar to warm everyone up before heading out into the cold. 

Every couple wants their celebration to be unique and memorable.  So why not add some enhancements that really tell the story of who you are as a couple. After all your love story is unique…why shouldn’t your wedding be the same? 

Follow along for our best tips, tricks, and advice that we've gathered after almost a decade of making wedding magic happen! 



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