Coping with COVID: Dealing with Floral Frustration in the Middle of a Pandemic

Photo by Blissmore Photography

It is hard to believe that COVID could possibly hinder any more of our plans than it already has over the last 12 months. It seems like COVID has somehow crept into our wedding planning in every possible way…and if you can believe it, it’s even going to wreak havoc on your wedding flowers!

When the world was put on hold almost a year ago, and the wedding industry came to a screeching halt, flower buying stopped. Farmers who specialize in growing specific types of our most popular wedding florals, had no more market for all these flowers; they were forced to throw away thousands of blooms and stop growing them altogether. 

Fast forward to a little more normalcy in the world…couples are starting to get married again, venues are opening, floral designers are meeting with their clients.   But now there is little product available and to top off an already tough situation, flowers coming from overseas and other states domestically are  dealing with limited flights.

The COVID crisis has drastically affected the availability of many varieties of flowers that were easy to acquire prior to the pandemic.  Florists have their hands tied because so many of the rescheduled weddings may not be able to keep with the original vision desired. We know this feels like a hopeless situation, but we promise you, there is a way to get through this…after all, look at how much we have overcome in just the last year alone. Of course we will also arm you with some knowledge, so you know exactly what to do when it comes time to sit down with your floral designer. 

Planning Ahead

So many couples had to postpone wedding plans and perhaps are now in a rush to tie the knot.  We totally get it!  However, it is extremely important that you plan ahead and  leave yourself enough lead time when ordering flowers. Wholesalers are requesting a much longer span of time when placing orders for large wedding sized quantities. In the past, some couples may have saved florist consultations as one the last aspects of planning, but we strongly suggest rethinking that. Giving yourself and the florist some extra time will be well worth it. 


When it comes to wedding flowers, many couples already experience sticker shock. Well, guess what, you are about to be shocked even more!  Unfortunately, because so many farmers lost so much of their product and then of course had to stop production altogether, they are looking to make up for their losses.  Farmers are trying to recuperate costs, shipping prices have increased and the overall volume is lower…as any economist knows, this is a recipe for higher prices.  Flowers that are currently available are being shipped in high demand and therefore can be up about 3 times the prices that they were last March. It is important to keep this in mind when choosing your blooms, going exotic and rare may dig deeper into your pockets than expected. 


Florists are doing their best to keep your original vision alive. Due to the fact that some flowers are just not available, there may have to be substitutions. The best advice we can give you is to be flexible with your designer. You chose them because their work stood out to you.  Now is the time to let them do what they do best, we are pretty sure that you will love any creative substitutions they come up with. Remember…they are the experts. 

As we adjust to the current situation  (We refuse to call it the “new normal”) it seems there are  obstacles around every corner.  Wedding planning is hard, even harder during a pandemic. But one thing is certain, no matter what the state of the world is, wedding visions and ideas change and develop over time. So if you have to make changes to your flowers, it’s okay. We are pretty sure your wedding will still be the very best day of your life!