The Inside Scoop: What Guests Love and Hate About Weddings

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Your wedding day is ultimately a representation of you and your beloved, however considering the opinions of your guests has become more significant in the planning process than ever.  We are living in a social media centered, millennial empowered world and the most memorable and meaningful celebrations are the ones that cater to the invitees with elements that stand out and take traditional to a whole new level. Let’s face it, guests are looking for an amazing opportunity to post something on Instagram that conjures up some major FOMO for anyone that didn’t attend.

Things Our Guests Love

New Experiences and Personal Touches  

Guests are over cookie cutter nuptials and traditions. Let’s start by tossing out the garter (no pun intended) and bringing in a more personal touch that evokes real emotions other than what some might consider a cringe-worthy moment. Presenting a bouquet to a soon to be married couple, or giving a single flower to the couple whose been married the longest is sweet, more meaningful, and will make your guests swoon. Guests want to feel all the feels, after all they came to celebrate love!! 

New experiences such as molecular cocktails, eclectic food menus and  instagrammable photo backdrops are just a few compelling ideas to peak their fancy.  Photo booths that guests can’t resist, fun games during cocktail hour and ending the night with frozen treats are also unique elements that your friends will love. Personal touches that capture your love story, a ring warming ceremony, handwritten notes and whimsical details throughout are not only stand out elements but they leave guests with authentic moments they will surely love and remember.

Great Music

This should not come as a surprise…guests want music that will keep them on their feet all night.  Music plays a huge role in setting the mood and creating the ambiance of the party. Incorporating different styles of music throughout all aspects of the wedding day will delight your guests. An awesome wedding party playlist while getting ready, beautiful ceremony music to serenade you as you walk down the aisle,  and something a bit more funky and laid back at the cocktail hour are all examples of how to make your music wow your guests.  Different genres of music help set the tone of your special day, and leave something to talk about. Be sure to include  tunes that identify special moments of your love story. Another great touch is to ask for song requests when guests RSVP, this is a surefire way to get friends and family up out of their seats and offers them a special connection to your wedding day.

Heartfelt Details 

From welcome bags to handwritten notes, your guests want to feel like your day would be incomplete without them.  If your wedding is outside in the sweltering heat, make sure to equip your guests with some water and fans and if you are celebrating your special day in the frosty winter months, provide guests with pashminas to keep warm and cozy. Offering a few planned ahead niceties will not go unnoticed when it comes to your guests. 

After Parties for the Books 

Statement-making decor, late night snacks and upbeat music…there is no better way to keep the celebration going. A handful of guests do not want the party to end when the clock strikes midnight,so offering them an alternative to heading home is a great way to incorporate some more fun into your day. Your party-loving guests will thank you for keeping the celebration  going a bit longer.  A great way to give your guests a party worthy of staying up all night is to lean into a theme, switch up the mood and the music and add some details that were a little too “non-traditional” for your wedding reception. Your guests came looking for a good time, and we promise  a good time will be had! 

Things Our Guests Hate

Group Dances

Yessss, a packed dance floor is key, but the Chicken Dance may not be the way to do it.  It turns out that an overwhelming number of guests said that while they planned on dancing the night away, the group line dances such as the Electric Slide and the Cupid Shuffle, were not the boost they needed…or wanted! (Eek!!!) So when you are putting together your song list, come up with some hits that identify you, your soon to be spouse and the journey you have taken together.  Furthermore, lean on your DJ or band to offer some of the best tunes  to get your guests up and moving. Unfortunately (or fortunately) group dances are becoming a thing of the past…sorry Cotton Eyed Joe, it’s been real. 

Long Speeches 

Believe it or not, the oohs and aahs you may hear during those long MOH and Best Man speeches may not be coming from a place of pleasure…but rather despair.  When asked, long speeches were one thing that guests could do without, after all it’s cutting into party time! So while you and your best friend may have been planning to take a nice long walk down memory lane, your guests would prefer you save it for another, more intimate time.  Shared jokes, crude humor and embarrassing moments in college are not for everyone’s ears. Guests would much rather hear a short and sweet personal outlook on the beautiful love story they are celebrating. 


Favors are a hot topic when it comes to wedding planning. Most couples feel that they need to share a token of appreciation with their guests for partaking in their special day; guests however would prefer nothing over something “cheesy”. Hmmmm, so how exactly do we go about this?  While guests can do without the beer koozies, monogrammed shot glasses and jordan almonds (unless it’s a family tradition, of course!), they would prefer locally sourced goodies like syrup, honey or cookies from a shop in town. Guests also wouldn’t mind something useful like matches, candles or soap.  Favors are such a traditional aspect, we can understand why a couple wouldn’t want to nix the idea, but thinking outside the box, showing pride in your hometown or sharing something you truly love is a perfect alternative to express your gratitude.

Food and Bar Service 

Nothing kills the mood of a wedding like long lines at the bar. They attended your wedding to spend time with you and to have a blast at the party so 20 minutes on a bar line is too long and downright frustrating. Not to fear! Some simple planning ahead with your catering team can fix this problem before it even becomes one. Having your catering team greet guests with a few trays of your signature cocktails or mocktails not only adds a bit of wow factor, but it also saves the bar from having to service a wave of 100 guests at one time.

Let’s be real…the best way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach.  Food is a huge part of a wedding reception; from cocktail hour, to dinner to late night treats, guests are hungry and they want lots of options…but most importantly, they do not want to wait. When asked about wedding food, the number one thing that guests hate is slow food service. Feeding the specific appetites of your guests can be hard, so be open-minded when planning your menu. Different food options are some of the details that guests look forward to, but just remember to make sure it comes out fast!

Hate or love it, these are the facts. It may be hard to wrap your head around the idea that guests could feel anything but enjoyment on your wedding day, but here lies the truth. So as you move forward through your planning journey, make sure to do so with love and attention to all the details you covet, but don’t forget to keep those guest opinions in mind. 

Follow along for our best tips, tricks, and advice that we've gathered after almost a decade of making wedding magic happen! 



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