Winter Wedding Wonderland: Tips on Planning the Ultimate Winter Wedding 

If you are planning a winter wedding, then something likely drew you to this magical season.  As you probably know, most brides plan for spring, summer and fall weddings but we think a dreamy winter wedding filled with snowy photoshoots, holiday cheer, bold seasonal décor and a moody color palette go hand in “mittened” hand with such a romantic time of year.  We suggest some warmth, magic, and a little bit of sparkle to help transform your special day into a winter wedding wonderland.  



A Scenic Venue 

Wow your guests with a beautiful winter view while you are tying the knot.  A winter backdrop can be truly breathtaking, so before choosing your venue, make sure to check out the scenery. A ski lodge, a rustic barn on a snow filled field or a botanical garden complete with holiday lights are all magical venues when planning a winter wedding. 

Colors and Textures   

When we think of winter, we often think of the holidays. If you plan on embracing the festivities, we suggest berry-toned hues. Subtle shades of red, such as crimson and burgundy paired with green is lovely and invokes holiday cheer while remaining elegant and classy. Pairing evergreen with black and gold can also suggest winter’s darker side. If yuletide cheer is not your décor inspiration, we suggest playing off of the blue undertones of freshly fallen snow or stormy gray winter skies to inspire your color palette. If you prefer more of a celebratory “gilded glam” look (think New Year’s Eve), we suggest using bold metalics such as gold, copper, and bronze as your color scheme. 

A winter wedding also invites the idea of various textures. Faux fur and velvet details can be incorporated into your wedding décor and attire to embrace the idea of being cozy on a winter’s day; now that is something we can cozy up to!

Wedding Décor and Details 

A winter wedding is everything dreamy and magical. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your wedding décor. Here are a few of our favorite details for a snowy celebration.  Candles… and lots of them! Nothing says cozy romance like the flicker of hundreds of candles lining every imaginable part of your venue. We also love the idea of burgundy and white florals with lots of lush evergreen both in centerpieces and as garlands. This look plays off of the colors of the season without looking like your decor has been plucked right out of a made for TV holiday movie (Not that we aren’t obsessed with them!). Satin runners, flocked pine cones and berries can also add a seasonal touch that looks stunning when incorporated into tablescapes. Warm drinks like spiked hot apple cider or hot buttered rum are the perfect signature drink to fill everyone with the warmth of the season!  

Keep Your Guests in Mind 

The holiday season is a remarkably busy (and expensive) time for many, so we suggest giving guests advance notice about your nuptials. It would be heartbreaking for guests to have to decide between your wedding and other holiday engagements they may have. Save the dates are a great way to be proactive!

Winter may be your favorite season, but often, you will have guests that feel much different about the snow and ice that comes with it! Mentally prepare yourself for last minute cancellations due to inclement weather, just in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate on your wedding weekend. For the guests who can attend, providing transportation to and from the wedding will ease everyone’s mind about safely navigating to your nuptials.

We know that your thoughts might be preoccupied with the warmth of the season, but please don’t forget about the plunging temperatures! If you are planning on having an outdoor ceremony, be sure to provide things that consider the comfort of your guests like hand warmers, wraps, and cute throw blankets (in your wedding colors, of course!). Heat lamps are also a great way to take the chill out of the air during your snow capped vows.  

Winter is a naturally romantic time of year, with all the magic of the holidays, the sparkle of falling snowflakes, lights twinkling in the trees and of course all the opportunities to cozy up on those cold, blustery nights. This season may be underrated, but we find it hard not to be smitten with the idea of a winter wedding.