A Planner’s Perspective: The Most Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer During an Interview

Your photographs will become the most treasured keepsake from your wedding day.  Years from now you will be reminiscing about your vows, your first kiss and the first dance you had as Mr. and Mrs. as you look through your pictures.   Choosing the right photographer to capture these moments is key and being at ease with this person is as crucial as their skills behind the camera.  

As you begin your journey to find the perfect photographer, you will have many questions about their photography style, packages offered and their experience.  However, we find that some of the most important questions are often overlooked.  To guarantee that you get the most information up front before booking we have compiled a list of some of the questions our couples often forget to ask. 


Photograph by Sam Stroud Photography


Do you offer packages with a second shooter? 

We always recommend that our couples have a second shooter with their photography package.  This will ensure that you have multiple perspectives and angles of all the poignant moments of the day.  Having a second shooter also allows more time to shoot specific moments and important people that may be otherwise overlooked.  Having photos of your bridesmaids and groomsmen getting ready and your guests during cocktail hour are special and something you are not going to want your photographer to miss. 

How many hours of coverage do you recommend for a wedding our size? 

A wedding day is long and jam-packed with so many highlights, and most photographers’ packages will include being present for all the significant events throughout your day, but it is important to get specifics.  Some couples would like their photographer to be there to capture “getting ready shots” as well as exit photos.  If this is something that you want included, make sure to ask ahead of time so you are not disappointed on the day of your wedding.  

Do you recommend having a first look? 

First looks are at the discretion of the bride and groom, but if you are considering it (and we hope you will), we recommend making sure your photographer will be present to shoot it, because in our opinion it is a truly magical moment.  A first look will allow photos to be taken before the ceremony so a couple can be present during their cocktail hour. If being able to indulge in all the savory treats of cocktail hour is not enough of a reason, we can assure you that first look photos are usually some of the most cherished and beautiful couple portraits of the entire wedding day.  BONUS…first looks will also help get the jitters out before heading down the aisle.   

What happens in the event that you get sick? 

After living through this past year of COVID and quarantine, we know just how important it is to have a backup plan.  Make sure to have a specific plan in place if your photographer can not make your event.  It is best to know ahead of time if they have multiple photographers on their team so that someone else with the same experience and style can step in, if they cannot be present.


With all the excitement and planning that comes with your wedding, the moment seems to pass in an instant.  While we cannot stress enough how important it is to savor every moment of your day, one thing is for sure you will want to relive it repeatedly through your photos.  It is safe to say that your photographer is a hugely significant part of your wedding day and choosing one that puts you at ease will only enhance those tangible memories you will hang on to forever.