Fairytales for a Cause: 6 Ways to Give Back While Planning Your Wedding


With Thanksgiving upon us, we cannot help but “Fall” in love with the idea of giving back on your wedding day.  Planning a wedding often feels like an indulgent experience, but that does not mean it needs to be entirely self-focused. There is no better way to celebrate love than by spreading it.  As we embark on the season of giving, we have some creative ways on how you can say “I do” and “do good” all at once…and we think that is something to be thankful for!  

Donate Your Wedding Dress

What a beautiful feeling to know that something that brought you so much joy and happiness can be shared with others to make their own memories.  We know that it may seem impossible to part with something so exquisite, but if you truly do not have a need for it or fear that it may sit in the back of your closet for decades to come, why not donate it to one to the many beautiful charities out there. If you do your research, you may find that it is hard to pass up such a beautiful way to pay it forward. 

Donate your Leftover Food 

With a little preparation beforehand, coordinating a plan of action for donating your leftover food and desserts is a great way to give back.  Some homeless shelters and local food banks in your area may accept boxed up leftovers from weddings. Do your research and chat with your caterer to see if they have any preexisting relationships with neighboring organizations.  

Donate your Flowers 

Flowers have a significant effect on the way your wedding looks and feels. Often couples spend thousands of dollars on the perfect flowers only for them to be thrown out or given to the catering staff at the end of the night. Connect with an organization ahead of time that will help you donate your flowers to local hospitals, hospice centers and nursing homes. This is a great way to ensure that the joy these flowers gave you can be passed on to someone else that may need a reason to smile. 

At Anyvent, we believe that weddings are a celebration of love and there is nothing better than sharing those “good vibes”.  So, beginning in 2021, we will be spreading the love through partnering with local charities, hospitals and nursing homes to help our couples donate their beautiful flowers once their event is complete. Ask us more about this in the coming months!   

Register for a Cause 

While it is expected  (and even encouraged) for a couple to register for gifts, couples often feel guilty for doing so, especially if they feel they have everything that they need in their home together. If you are in a spot where you do not need pots, pans, or a new Crock Pot as wedding gifts, consider registering for charitable causes and having your guests make donations on your behalf. Giving guests a few charitable choices that make your philanthropic heart beat is a great way to give back while also allowing your guests to feel like they are still “shopping” for you.  Charitable donations in lieu of gifts make a huge impact and is a surefire way to “spread the love”. 

 Wedding Favors with an Impact 

Be honest, how many wedding favors have you tossed over the years? Sadly, couples spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a wedding favor that most guests will (eek) eventually toss. Couples are opting to make big donations in the names of their guests, in lieu of favors.  Choosing a charity that is close to your heart or has helped someone you love is a great way to give back.  

If the idea of sending your guests away empty handed does not seem like the proper farewell, we suggest choosing a favor that will help make the world a better place. Giving a traditional favor that has significance behind it but also supports a cause is a great way to spread the love while giving back! 

Planning a Service Event for Your Bachelorette or Bridal Shower

Rather than the traditional bachelorette party, rally your friends to volunteer their time at a homeless shelter or local organization that gives back. We promise your guests will leave feeling closer to you, as well as, feeling good about the work they have done. And, hey…no one said you cannot celebrate after with dinner and drinks!

Using your big day as an opportunity to give back has the potential to make the event feel that much more special. There are so many small steps that you can take to give back on your wedding day and while no one expects you to take on every good deed listed above, we promise accomplishing one small move toward giving back is bound to make a world of difference.