6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

Here is something I have learned in my adult life…dates have a peculiar power over you. Your wedding date, for example, is a date that most choose based on a desirable wedding month or season, little sentiment in that.  However, once the day is chosen and the wedding planning begins, this random date takes on a more magical meaning.   

This got us thinking about all the cancelled and postponed weddings that are happening amidst the pandemic. As your wedding day, a date that is now packed with so much emotion, gets closer; tears, sadness and confusion are completely understandable. But remember, there is always a silver lining!


Couples who are experiencing this tragic change in plans, are starting a new trend called “take back your date”.  To put it simply, they are celebrating their original date (with a slightly different vision) than they had planned for.  By “taking back your date” couples are finding joy in the small things and reveling in the love they have for one another. We have put together a list of some of the things you and your fiancé can do to “take back your date” and we think you will find that these will help lift your spirits. 

Have a Minimony 

Let me start by saying I love all these novel ideas that have come out of this drastically different wedding season. A minimony, is a buzzy new term for a mini ceremony. Planning a minimony is a fabulous way to keep the sentiment while also respecting and following all safety and health regulations. Your minimony can include an officiant, your first dance, vows and any other elements inspired by your original vision. All of this can be done virtually or in person, if you can have small social gatherings where you live. We think it is a great way to give guests a preview of what is to come!

Dress Up 

You do not have to wear your wedding dress or tuxedo just yet, but you can still get dressed in something elegant. A sparkling mini and a crisp white button down with those special cufflinks will set the tone for your special day. Bonus…many photographers are now doing “porch photo shoots”. Why not call your wedding photographer and see if he or she is willing to come by and take some pictures so you and your fiancé have some memorable photos of what would have been your wedding day!  

Have a Fancy Dinner 

Picture this…a table set with a floral arrangement from your wedding florist (perhaps a mini version of your centerpieces),  a delicious meal prepared by your wedding caterer or favorite restaurant, pop some bubbly and spend  time together on the day that was supposed to be yours…while you’re at it, have some fun and create your marriage bucket list!! Oh and remember that lemon raspberry sponge cake with the raspberry buttercream that you have been patiently waiting to enjoy for months now, why not get a mini version or cupcakes to resemble it for a sweet ending to your night! 

Have Your First Dance

Music always has a way of helping people work through difficult times, whether it is a song that takes you back in time, gives you all the “feels” or makes you ugly cry on our bedroom floor, music has a way of tying into our emotions. So why not put on the song that you have chosen for your first dance and make it a romantic moment that the two of you will always remember. If slow dancing is not your thing, then turn on your reception playlist and dance the night away with your one and only in your living room. 


Virtual Cocktails Anyone? 

A wedding is all about the love between two people but sharing that love with your family and friends is just as significant! It is so important to connect with your loved ones on your special day. A great way to include all your VIP’s on what would have been your wedding day would be to host a virtual cocktail hour. Send out an invite with the recipe for your signature cocktail and let your guests toast you, share a heartfelt story about your relationship or give some fun marital advice.  

Don’t Rain on My Car Parade

Car parades are all the hype right now, they are a festive and fun way to celebrate while maintaining a healthy and responsible distance from the person(s) you are honoring. A great way to pay tribute to your original date is to ask your local friends and family to drive by and give a “honk and a wave”. However extravagant you want to get with this is up to you. Some couples get dressed up, put up signage and decorations, give out favors, etc., but we think as long as you smile and wave you have this one in the bag!!

Even if you have had to adjust the timing of your wedding, your original date is still a milestone worth celebrating. Whether you raise a glass (virtually) to your love or bask in being the grand marshal of your own car parade, we encourage you to do something to celebrate such a significant moment in time for you and your soon to be spouse. Crying is okay but celebrating is so much better.