Cocktails Anyone? Let’s Toast to Signature Cocktails

signature cocktails

Tis the season to stuff yourself full of your favorite treats and indulge in a few holiday cocktails… And speaking of cocktails, let’s talk about my favorite cocktails of all… wedding signature cocktails!  We are all about the cocktails and all about the details, so this is always one of our favorite things to recommend to our couples when narrowing in on the pieces that make their wedding personal. We’ll cheers to that!

Spice Up Your Beer and Wine Wedding Drink Menu

If you opt not to offer a bar that includes liquor at your wedding celebration, a signature cocktail is the perfect way to add a bit of variety to your drink menu without breaking the bank.  Give your guests the option of sipping on your signature spirit during cocktail hour or throughout the entire evening. Don’t be afraid to ask your caterer for recommendations to create a little something special that reflects your tastes or favorite things as a couple.  The sky’s the limit, but don’t be afraid to add your own creative spin on some oldies, but goodies. Obsessed with bubbles (like yours truly), have a champagne bar equipped with endless bubbles and fancy fixings.     

His, Hers, Ours

It’s true…. A  wedding is a celebration of two people becoming one.  But if there is anything that I would advise you not to become one on is your signature drink.  It’s your day, so you should be able to have it all. Instead of selecting 1 signature cocktail, treat your guests to 3.  Pick one to that you love, one that your bride or groom calls their favorite, and then create one that you enjoy drinking together.  This not only gives your guests a variety if they prefer different types of spirits, but it tells a little story about you individually and you as a couple on your wedding day.    

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