Let Them Eat Cake for Goodness Sake!

groom cake

Why Groom’s Cakes Are Our Jam

I know that everyone is scurrying around trying to find last minute flash sales to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. So… in the spirit of the season, let’s talk about gifts!  It has become pretty common for our couples to exchange gifts and letters to their almost husbands before walking down the aisle. And boy… have we seen some good ones! Sure, a beautiful watch or a lovely piece of jewelry will never be a bad idea, but we like to err on the side of adventure!  Why not give a gift that is also a guest experience… and might I add, EDIBLE. That’s right people… I’m talking about groom’s cakes!

This is a fairly newish trend in the wedding world and we are quite happy that it’s here.  Not only does it make for great photos to show the grandkids one day, but it also can make your groom feel like he is being represented in some way on the wedding day.  Let’s be real ladies… more than likely, we’ve picked the wedding colors, the flowers, and probably what he’s wearing that day… why not let a piece of your boo shine throughout your whole wedding with a charming display that represents his hobbies?  Beer, animals, fashion… nothing is off limits when it comes to creative wedding day confections.

This thoughtful snack is also a standout in the era of alternative desserts.  Most of our couples opted to forego the traditional wedding cake in 2018, so this is the perfect gift to pacify those guests who don’t think a wedding is official before the cake cutting.  So let them eat cake!!!… and win the best new wife or husband of the year award while you’re at it!         

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