It’s the Season of Giving: What to Give Your Wedding Day VIPs

wedding bobblehead gifts

If you are like me, you literally just finished holiday shopping on Christmas Eve.  (I know, I know… it’s my Planner secret that I’m one of those crazies who looks for last-minute gift inspiration).  I know that you are still in recovery from Black Friday Brain and that Last Minute Mall Marathon, but while you still have gifts on the brain, let’s talk wedding day VIP gifts.  It’s often one of the last things that my couples think about, but something that they always want to do for all of the special people who have helped them during their engagement.  To help narrow down the search, here are some our favorites that we’ve come across during the past wedding season!

The Fam

Mom and Dad

The first thing that I tell all of my couples when they book Anyvent is that I will definitely cry during their wedding.  I mean full disclosure, seeing someone promise their lives to another person NEVER gets old. If I’m a ball of tears, you can only imagine the people who have known you for your entire life.  This brings me to my favorite parent gift of all… Personalized hankies. It’s a simple, meaningful, and useful item for them to carry with them on the day of your wedding and can be framed as a keepsake for years to come, long after the nuptials are over.  

The Crew

The Ladies
(Bridesmaids Gifts)  

They’ve spent the last year or so pampering you and treating you to awesome bridal related events, so why not make them queens for a day?  Instead of a traditional gift, I’m a fan of the idea of planning a surprise massage or facial for your entire bridal the morning of your wedding.  Nothing says thank you more than massages and mimosas. Pressed for time? Make each bridesmaid a personal spa gift basket with their favorite beauty essentials.      

The Gents

(Groomsmen Gifts)  

I  hate to sound cliche, but anything that involves booze is usually a crowd pleaser for this crew.  For the groom or brides that want to treat their groomsmen or men of honor to something humorous and/or a bit more personal, my top pick is nothing other than… personalized bobbleheads!  You read that right… bobbleheads. These witty keepsakes can be made in the likeness of each bridal party member right down to customized attire. Not only will they solicit quite the laugh, but you can customize these items to say anything that you want about the person, or the relationship that you have with them.  

Your Husband or Wife

Not that promising them your forever isn’t enough, but if you decide to exchange gifts prior to the “I dos” here’s my favorite:  Drumroll please…………. A picture of the night sky on the day you met or the night that you got engaged. There are tons of companies that will create framed photos of the night sky for all of your special moments along with a personal message.  This is something that both of you can treasure in your home for the rest of your lives as a constant reminder of the most important moments in your lives together.

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