Not So Traditional Traditions: New Wedding Traditions That We Hope Are Here to Stay

In a time where most weddings are anything but traditional, it’s a great time to make up wedding traditions of your own for the big day!  Here are a few that we’ve fallen in love with over the years…

Time Capsules

I am a huge fan of time capsules!  Remember that 3rd grade project where they made you write about what you wanted to be when you grew up and then you had to seal it and promise not to open it for like 30 years?  Anybody remember… no? Well this is kind of like that! In the days leading up to your wedding, you write a love note to your future husband or wife about all of the warm and fuzzies that they give you.  Right before the wedding, or during the wedding, you place the notes in a box with a good bottle of wine. On your 1 year anniversary, you open the box, read the notes, and replace the wine with a better bottle.  Repeat for every major anniversary!

Let Them Eat Cake…or Whatever!

A lot of couples are choosing to ditch the traditional wedding cake for their favorite snacks. We’ve seen it all!  From cupcakes to local seasonal frozen yogurt to donut bars, guests definitely seem to enjoy the element of surprise when it comes to alternative desserts.  Still want a cake cutting photo to show the grandkids one day? Opt for a small decorative cake that you can display for guests and feed each other for the camera.  

Burying the Bourbon

An oldie, but goody that is dying to be made your own!  This Southern tradition has evolved and become a something that can easily be done anywhere with your own spin. Tradition has it that if you bury a bottle of bourbon 1 month prior to your wedding day, it will ward off the rain on your big day. But why stop there? I say bury your favorite spirit keep your fingers crossed.  Your love will get you through any storm anyway! Don’t forget to dig it up on the big day and enjoy a matrimonial shot with your wedding guests!



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