Wedding 101: Why You Need a Wedding Planner in Your Life

My favorite part of being a wedding planner is that I get to be so many things to my couples.  A friend, a confidant, sounding board, and a drill sergeant (if need be!). Wedding Planners do so many things, in fact, that sometimes it’s difficult to articulate to others. Not to toot my own horn… but you need me! (or another lovely wedding Planner) to show you the ropes during the planning process.  Here’s why…

Decisions, Decisions

Wedding planning can be beyond overwhelming.  Even as a Planner, making decisions for my own wedding was an extremely daunting task.  There are soooo many choices and it’s easy to get buried under piles of Pins and Instagram posts.  So where do you start? With a Planner! We have the ability to narrow your options down based on our experience to make things a bit more manageable.

Added Value

Thinking about hiring a Planner but can’t swallow the additional price tag?  Keep in mind that a lot of Planners can save you money through their relationships with companies and vendors.  From tux rentals to stationery, companies often extend exclusive discounts to Planners hoping that they will present them as a top choice to couples. If you invest in us, we will invest in you and save you money in unexpected places.  

Day-of Dilemma   

Couples often grossly underestimate the amount for work that gets put into executing a flawless event the day of the wedding.  From set up to vendor management, it is a full day’s work to make sure that everything is executed the way that you intended on your wedding day.  Who is going to corral the guests from location to location? Who is going to make sure that your gifts and personal items end up in a safe place at the end of the evening? What if the your rental company forgets to drop something off? These are the last things that you want to be stressing over on the way down the aisle. Please think twice about having your favorite aunt or your Maid of Honor take the reins on this as well.  If you trust them enough with these wedding day responsibilities, that means that they are part of your VIP circle, which also means that you should want them to be able to focus on enjoying the celebration rather than trying to help hunt down a vendor who is running late.


Oh… and we are professional dress bustlers!  

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