Planner’s Perspective: Nuggets of Knowledge From the Mind of a Planner

So, admittedly, this blog topic was born out of a fluke.  Three of my brides just happened to ask identical questions about something random (or maybe not so random) within a 7 day period.  So it got me thinking that maybe there are several questions out there like this. Questions with answers that are either easily at my disposal because I already know, or questions that give me the opportunity to dork out as a Planner and come up with creative ones.  It’s something that I love so much about my job, and sometimes I forget just how daunting coming up with these ideas is for my brides. Thus, blog pieces that are centered around me unloading tidbits of bridal basics, fleeting creative ideas that my couples may want to use, and nuggets of Planner knowledge seem to be things worth writing about… don’t they?  Let’s do it! First up…Send Offs!



Wedding send offs have become quite a standard thing these days for my couples.  Gone are the days that send offs were only done when couples were being whisked away by a limo to the airport for their honeymoon.  Now couples are simply being “sent off” to meet their guests at the afterparty or at brunch the next afternoon. Hey, the big day still needs to end with a bang! Let’s start with the basics ….


This is by far the most popular wedding send off trend that I see.  Not only does it get guests excited (who doesn’t like playing with fire from time to time?), but it also makes for AMAZING pictures.  But what if your venue isn’t too keen on having 100+ people play with open flames on their property? Don’t fret… there are plenty of other sassy ways to make an exit.

Paper Lantern Release

What better way to end such an amazing celebration than by lighting up the sky with illuminated paper lanterns?  This stems from a Thai tradition and symbolizes good luck as the lanterns carry all problems away. With so many well wishes floating off into the night sky, your marriage is surely set up for success!  OK, OK, this doesn’t solve the fire issue… but the next ones do!

Glow Sticks

This send off is getting trendier by the second (you heard it here first folks!).  This send off puts safety first and keeps the energy of the party alive. Make sure to stage this one out of direct light for the full effect.


This send off is cute, playful, and will make your guests feel like kids again.  We are all about the pictures with this one too! Just confirm with your photographer that the lighting by your wedding venue exit provides enough light to capture that perfect last kiss in Bubble Land!

Butterfly Release

For my couples doing afternoon wedding send offs… pleeeeease use this one!  How pretty would it be to walk off into the sunset with your Forever Love surrounded by hundreds of butterflies?!  If for no other reason, please do it so that I can live vicariously through you!

Well, that’s all for this time folks.  Please keep the questions coming!!!

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