Unplugged Weddings… The Pros and Cons

Unplugged weddings are becoming more and more popular every season as couples ask friends and family to turn off mobile devices to be fully present during the exchanging of vows.  As with anything, there are pros and cons to having an unplugged ceremony. So is it a good idea that’s here to stay? You be the judge!


Your most personal moments during your ceremony are yours to share…

Unplugged ceremonies allow couples to choose what they want the world to see, and what they would like to share only with those who they invited to be present with them.  If you wanted your wedding ceremony to go viral before you jump the broom…. You’re probably Kim Kardashian. However, if you don’t want your “ugly cry” face posted all over the interweb before you say your I dos, an unplugged ceremony might be for you!


We live in a fast paced world where people want to see everything as it happens.  If you choose to go unplugged, you likely won’t be seeing footage of your big day until 1-2 months after the fact.  That’s a long wait to see those happy tears and look of pure excitement on your significant other’s face as you walk towards forever with them.


Amazing, organic professional photos of your ceremony…

Who wants 100 iPhones hovering above your guests’ heads as they all aim for the perfect shot?  This is truly your big day to shine, but most people already have anxieties about making the most important commitment of their lives in front of 150 of their closest family and friends. Having multiple cameras in your face might only add to the stress.  In addition, by not allowing guests to double as paparazzi as you walk down the aisle, your photographer can capture the natural reaction of your guests as they are focused on you and not getting the flower girl’s the best angle.


While unplugged ceremonies do allow your guests to focus on the festivities, it does only allow for one or two perspectives of your special moments to be captured.  Although your photographer has an amazing eye for capturing picture perfect moments (which is why you chose them), they can’t be 20 places at the same time. By allowing guests to take photos and videos of your ceremony, you may catch moments that would otherwise be missed.


Distractions, Distractions…

Not only does allowing your guests to photograph the ceremony distract them, it distracts you as well!  Nothing is worse than pouring your heart and soul out to your future husband or wife and hearing Aunt Lizzy’s flash sound go off (and Uncle Mike’s….and Grandpa probably forgot to turn the sound off too). Little distractions like this can throw you off and take your focus off of the most important few minutes of the day.

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