Summer Wedding Trends We Love

Before we trade in our rompers for sweaters and say goodbye to summer for good, we have to acknowledge our favorite wedding trends of 2018.  

Bright pops of color

Not that we don’t love lush naked garland all year around, but there is something magical about bright pops of color that capture our hearts. Our summer couples have definitely used the bright colors of summer as their inspiration.  Whether it’s pastel bridesmaids dresses or popping peonies, summer is the season to be daring with wedding color flair.

Why we love it:  You can always go neutral…but why not do neutral with a bang?  Not only does an unexpected color pop add character, but it looks amazing in pictures and doesn’t allow anything to blend into the background. It’s your big day… let it stand out!      

Photography by Eastbrook Photography

Centerpieces that Stun

Gone are the days of identical flower arrangements on guest tables. This is a summer 2018 wedding trend that we love… and we have a feeling that this is a trend that will stand the test of time and be around long after the Labor Day beach parties are over.

Why we love it:  Why pick one when you can have variety?  It is the spice of life after all. Choosing a variety of centerpieces gives couples the option to express their creative side, while giving guests a variety of things to oohh and ahhh over.    

Vineyard Casual Attire

Black tie is always fine by us, but we definitely have a soft spot for fabulous comfort.  We are by no means telling you to show up to your next country club affair in a beach cover-up, but if the wedge fits, wear it!

Why we love it: We love looking great on the gram… but in our eyes, comfort is king!  Who says summer formal can’t be comfortable? Light flowy maxi dresses and wedges are completely appropriate in most of the outdoor venues that our couples are opting for.  Vineyards, farms, and outdoor pavilions are perfect venues to strut your summer chic attire. You’ll be thankful that you did when you’re on the dance floor celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs.!

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