Celebrating Our Veterans on Their Big Day and Everyday

If there is one thing that we love, it’s wedding traditions, both old and new.  More often than not, we see a lot of our couples straying away from the formal traditions of past generations altogether, or adding their own modern twists.  Although we are fans of this trend, we can’t help but obsess over some of the most special traditions of all…. Those that involve our service members! We’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate with couples from several different branches: Army, Airforce, and Marines (just missing you, Navy!). Here are a few of the traditions we’ve seen and loved from these weddings.


Photography by Eastbrook Photography

Formal Uniforms

It’s sometimes overlooked, but the tradition of the groom and the Officers in attendance wearing their uniform give us all of the feels.  It’s such a symbolic reminder of the military family that is there to support the couple on their big day. Typically, service members who attend come in uniform if the service member bride or groom is also in uniform. If the visual of this doesn’t scream “we are in this together”, we don’t know what will!

Photography by Eastbrook Photography

Arch of Sabers/Arch of Swords

Depending on which branch you’re a part of— Army or Airforce (Arch of Sabers), Navy and Marine Corps (Arch of Swords), you have a slightly different name for this tradition. This is a tradition that we recently got to witness at one of our Spring weddings and it literally brought tears to our eyes.  Not only does it provide an amazing photo-op (sniff, sniff), but it symbolizes the support and fidelity of the military to the couple as they begin their new lives together, no matter the term used. This tradition highlights the fact that not two, but three families are all joining together during this celebration.  

Photography by Eastbrook Photography

Cake Cutting

So the party has started and now it’s time for cake… always a highlight of the evening.  Why not use a sword?! Cutting the cake with an official military sword definitely takes the cake (haha!) as far as “wow factor” for the cake cutting ceremony. During this tradition, the officer, placing their hand over their new spouse’s, uses their sword to cut the first sweet treat that they will enjoy as a married couple. The sword may be a little heavy, but together the couple can be sure that they’ve got it, just like with any situation on their new journey!  

Photography by Aaron Watson Photography

No matter what traditions our military couples choose to honor, we love celebrating with them.  We admire their hard work and dedication as well as that of their spouses. We salute them on their big day and everyday.   

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