Planning a Destination Wedding

We'll have a thorough and very transparent conversation at the beginning of our process about the numbers and create a customized budget for you to map things out. This is key to keeping us on track during our planning journey and will allow you to feel in full control over one of the most stressful aspects of planning. 


We'll recommend and help secure your vendor dream team by enlisting our catalogue of world-class vendors that we've worked with over the years. Our industry knowledge and experience allows us to make the perfect matches for you based on your preferences and personality. 


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If planning a wedding is huge…planning a destination wedding is colossal. While a destination wedding tends to be more intimate in size, laid back in nature and relaxed in mindset, planning from “afar” can be a bit more challenging with some uncommon hurdles that don’t necessarily occur when planning a domestic wedding. 

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is an undertaking, there are many aspects that need to be considered, decisions that need to be made and demands to be met.  A wedding is a labor of love and the reward is magical; perhaps even more so when it takes place in a tropical location or a Mediterranean villa.  If you are considering a destination wedding, read on for some tips on how to overcome the obstacles that may occur when planning your wedding abroad.

Strategically Planning Your Guest List

Once upon a time you could count on an intimate guest list when planning a destination wedding.  Your great aunt from South Dakota was not likely to jet set to Greece for a quick weekend wedding. Invites were sent as a courtesy, with the promise that a number of guests would respond no, keeping your guest count modest. However, research shows that ever since the world “reopened” after COVID, people have become more inclined to say  “I do” to a wedding set in a far away location. That being said, a destination wedding guest count may become a bit overwhelming if you assume some guests will reply “no”.  Strategically planning your guest list is significant if you want to keep your wedding intimate. Letting go of the idea that you may hurt feelings by not extending an invite out of kindness should not be part of your planning mindset.

Considering Transportation

It is ideal for your guests to arrive at their destination and feel like everything from that point on is taken care of. They should feel like they are on vacation because, essentially, they are.  Providing your guests with transportation from the airport is a huge gesture, however guests will likely be arriving at all different times from many locations; picking up each guest may be nearly impossible. If you know that a lot of guests or VIPS are coming from the same area, encourage them to take the same flight to make coordinating transportation a breeze.  

In the case of destination weddings, airport proximity is important. Making sure the vicinity of the airport to the venue is somewhat close. Asking your guests to travel another three hours once landing can be somewhat daunting and a bit of a headache. Guaranteeing just a short trip between airport and venue can be key in your destination wedding success!

Potential Cultural and Language Barriers

We have been told time and time again that communication is key! Planning a destination wedding in a foreign country can bring a lot of excitement and adventure to your celebration, but it can also add a layer of challenge when dealing with cultural and language barriers. Don’t let this ruin your fun, instead prepare yourself and your guests ahead of time. Here are some tips that we think can help you out…

  1.  Research and Familiarize Yourself: learn about the language, culture and customs of your destination. Understanding cultural nuances can help you navigate this planning journey much better and also avoid any surprises once you arrive. 
  2. Use Translation Tools: this is ideal for both you and your guests. Translation tools will come in handy while you are planning but can also be used for your guests to navigate the locale while they are there. 
  3. Embrace Local Cultures: Immerse yourself in the local traditions and cultures and incorporate them into your wedding. Afterall,you picked this location for a reason so spotlight and adopt all the beauty this destination has to offer. Working with a wedding planner will guarantee that you understand the cultural traditions correctly and are respectfully and authentically integrating them into your wedding. 
  4. Provide Clear Instructions: Provide information and advice to your guests beforehand that will help them navigate the destination.  Use your wedding website to suggest translation tools, important customs that must be observed and any other tips that will help make this a wonderful experience for all. 

Planning in Different Time Zones

This is perhaps one of the hurdles that most people don’t even think about when planning a destination wedding.  In fact, this can be the most difficult for both the couple and the guests to adjust to.  While planning, it is important to realize that most of your phone conversations with vendors, the venue and hotels  may be done late at night or early in the morning depending on where your wedding is taking place. Being able to work around that location’s time is significant.   Furthermore, giving your guests a heads up about the difference in time is ideal.  Guests may want to plan to arrive a day or two out so that they can adjust to the difference before the big day.

Vendor Research

While the destination may be ideal, the vendors may not be. Making a decision early on about vendors is key. You have two options, book American vendors and provide transportation and accommodations for them on top of the cost of their services or do your research on local vendors that provide the services you need. Researching vendors in a different country may be a bit daunting so we suggest hiring a wedding planner to take on this task or visiting the destination to meet with the vendors in person so you have a better feel for their style and personality. Booking everything over the phone based on internet research or your venue’s recommendations can also work, but there should always be a margin for error when doing it this way.

Destination weddings are exquisite, for most locations the backdrop is all the decor you need.  Whether you prefer palm trees dancing in the wind or old buildings that showcase their history, your destination wedding is bound to be beautiful. While the planning may be a bit more challenging, the wedding day itself tends to be more about and your guests with an intimate and laid back nature. The challenge is definitely worth the reward. 

Speaking of destination weddings…Have you heard the news?! Team Anyvent will begin taking on a limited number of destination weddings and would love the opportunity to chat with you and help you brave this planning journey. In fact, we’ve already got one in the books (see you in Canada, eh).  If you are interested in chatting with us about your upcoming nuptials we would love to hear from you!  Reach out here and we will be happy to start the destination planning process with you!  We look forward to jet setting with you real soon!

Follow along for our best tips, tricks, and advice that we've gathered after almost a decade of making wedding magic happen! 



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