How to Keep Your Guests Cool During Summer Weddings

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While we cannot control the hot temperatures at a summer wedding, we can definitely control our guest’s comfort level. Summer is an ideal time to tie the knot; warm weather, sunny blue skies and the balmy nights that invite stars for as far as you can see. What we “forget” to envision is the overheated, dehydrated guests trying to brave the humidity while the sweat drips down their evening wear. Mother Nature can definitely try to steal your summer wedding perfection, but, luckily, we have some tips on how to help your guests ward off the uncomfortable summer heat, that are both cool (pun intended) and trendy!

Must Have Summer Accessories

There are many innovative (and trendy) ways to help your guests beat the heat.  Providing some cooling accessories upon arrival for guests is a surefire way to help your friends and family stay comfortable. Customized paper parasols, or hand-held fans are not only functional but can also be aesthetically pleasing in your photos. Using your cooling accessories to coincide with your wedding colors or aesthetic is a great way to tie everything together…and gives your guest something to talk about. Offering sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray and cooling towels are also “chill” additions to keeping your guests cool.

Hydration is Key

As your guests arrive for the ceremony, offering them beverages to help keep them hydrated is a must.  In addition to handing out welcome bubbly (one of our favorite pre-ceremony wow factors), offer your guests fruit-infused ice water or infused lemonade.

Give ’em Shade

If there is an opportunity to offer your guests a shady spot to gather during your nuptials, then make sure to incorporate it into your wedding ceremony or reception. Set up shady places that feel connected to your wedding and still invites them to catch all the important moments. 

Our Planner Tip: Continue your decor throughout the shaded areas to keep the space connected and inviting. Guests that need to cool off should never feel like they are removed from the day’s festivities. Offering a natural shaded lounge area for guests to cool down, still gives them the opportunity to mix and mingle.  If natural shade is not an option; canopies, umbrellas and floral wrapped pergolas are all ideas to offer some shade.

Summer Themed Cocktails

On a blazing hot day, there is nothing better than an ice cold drink! The summer heat is a great excuse to offer some frozen drinks and cool cocktails to your menu. Frozen tropical cocktails are always a favorite in the summer, but you can also up the ante with frozen champagne popsicles or something of the like. Other great options to keep your guests refreshed are Summer Shandies, Strawberry, Pineapple or Lavender Lemon Mojitos, Sangria with fresh fruit and spiked lemonade. Adding fresh fruit to your cocktails is another hydrating twist! Your guests will love these frozen treats that double as a way to beat the heat. 

Rethink Your Menu

Crafting a cocktail hour menu with some refreshing options will offer an unexpected twist on traditional wedding hors d’oeuvres. A midsummer menu can offer some chilled foods, like raw bars, chilled gazpacho soup shooters, caprese skewers or spoons of savory mousse. Colds apps are a wonderful and “cool” addition to your menu and also a fantastic choice for guests that do not want to eat hot foods in the blazing sun!  

Summer-Friendly Seats

The idea of taking a seat on burning metal chairs is quite unappealing. If your venue only offers metal chairs, plan on renting chair cushions for the seats so your guests do not burn themselves.  If you have an opportunity to rent chairs, wooden or cushioned chairs will all handle well in the heat.

Frozen Treats

There is nothing better than ice cream in the summer heat.  We already discussed your options for alcoholic drinks, so let’s talk about some non-alcoholic sweets for all to enjoy. This can be as simple as fruit flavored ice pops set up for guests to grab and go or as elaborate as an ice cream or gelato cart complete with someone to serve it.  If dairy is not your thing, why not revel in nostalgia with snow cones for a little whimsy. Combining frozen elements with your desserts is a surefire way to ensure that your guests are chill!

Starting Later in the Day

Planning your wedding around the hottest parts of the day may be ideal for couples that are yearning for an outdoor ceremony or reception. Working with your wedding planner to schedule your day ahead of time can help you to optimize the coolest parts of the day. An evening or sunset ceremony can enhance your guest experience as well as provide a romantic backdrop.  Switching up your timeline to avoid the sweltering sun will guarantee your guest’s comfort.

Your wedding day is all about you! However, no one has ever welcomed a bad review.  Expecting your guests to sweat it out at your midday August wedding is just unfair. We have never met a bride that wanted her makeup running down her face either.  Offering little comforts to your guests (and to you and your wedding party) and giving them some options to “chill out”, will ensure that your guests final memory of your wedding day is not…”what a hot sweaty mess!”  Summer weddings are both appealing and stunning.  If a summer wedding is what you want, then go for it…just remember cooling comforts should be a top priority when planning!

Weather on your wedding day is one thing that you cannot count on…no matter how much you plan.  Whether you are dealing with a heat wave, a snowstorm or…dare I say it, rain, an alternate weather plan is always important.  No one wants to hear a rainy forecast for their wedding day, but if there is, we have some great ways to embrace it.  Read our blog to find out how to make the most of your rainy wedding day.

Follow along for our best tips, tricks, and advice that we've gathered after almost a decade of making wedding magic happen! 



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