Do I Need A Wedding Party? The Pros and Cons to Everything Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

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The short answer is no, you do not need to have a wedding party.  There is no rule book that states you must have bridesmaids and groomsmen to accompany you on your special day.  In fact, there is no rule book at all when it comes to planning your wedding.  So if you want to nix bridesmaids, groomsmen, a maid of honor and a best man…well the world is your oyster…at least on your wedding day.  If you are toying with the idea of making your wedding day about just you and your beloved, read on for the pros and cons of not having a wedding party.

The Pros of Not Having A Wedding Party 

Time and Money 

Having a wedding party will incur some costs that you would not otherwise have if you were going solo; florals for their bouquets and boutonnieres, wedding party gifts both pre and post wedding, hair and makeup prep…bottom line these are some hefty costs.  If you are going sans wedding party, that money could be used for some of the wedding elements that are a priority to you, for example, taking your florals to a whole new level, turning your tablescapes into insta-worthy masterpieces and extending your honeymoon to make it even more magical. 

Time is of the essence when it comes to your wedding day, it is often said your wedding day is over in the blink of an eye. Sharing the aisle with only your partner and your parents, can take your event to a very intimate and special level. Maximizing the time you spend with your loved ones can foster a deeper connection on the most important day of your life.  Deciding against a wedding party is unconventional but can really create an inclusive and profound atmosphere, making every guest feel equally important.   

Say Goodbye to the Drama

Wedding party drama is real and there are many facets of it…who to ask, what to wear, bridesmaids/groomsmen that are less than chummy…elements of a wedding we could all do without. First and foremost, we never want to hurt feelings when choosing which of our closest friends and family get the “in”  but we also don’t want (or need) 25 bridesmaids (and groomsmen to accompany them, Eek!).  Chances are someone is always going to feel left out and the decision making process is just added stress on top of the already demanding wedding planning journey. 

No Bridesmaid Dress Nightmares

Bridesmaids dresses (and the ladies who rock them) are not made equally.  Choosing a style and a color that complements all of your girls can be a task, at best.  If you are looking for your wedding party to be matching, finding a dress that works with all body types can be tough. Some couples try to be more inclusive, giving their wedding party the option to choose a dress or suit but stick to a color, but again, this is your day and if that is not your vision you are going to have some work to do.  

The Cons of Not Having a Wedding Party

Not Honoring Your Nearest and Dearest 

We chose a wedding party to honor our nearest and dearest friends, these are the closest people in your life that have helped you become the person you are today.  It is truly an honor to be chosen as part of someone’s wedding party. These people have been by your side through thick and thin and you are basically giving up an honor that is bestowed among the most significant of friends and family.  A wedding party takes on many important roles throughout your wedding day, but if you are willing to take on these logistics alone or have a dynamite wedding planning team to do it, then we say soak up that spotlight! Making it a solo act as you waltz down the aisle means all eyes on you. You got this! 

Skipping a Tradition 

Weddings are steeped in tradition, for example bridesmaids and groomsmen are meant to symbolize support as you transition into a married couple.  However, in our modern day and age, wedding traditions have become less of a driving force when it comes to planning your special day.  Today, weddings are more about representing the couple, their journey of love and their personalities, than traditional wedding elements.  So skip the tradition if it is not for you, this is your magical moment and it should reflect your vision, not your great grandmothers’. 

Level of Excitement May be Reduced 

The level of excitement and the celebratory atmosphere may be nonexistent if you are getting ready alone.  Wedding party members definitely bring the excitement and social dynamic to many aspects of your wedding day from getting ready to the send off.  You may also notice a lack of support as you prepare for this major milestone through the planning journey without your friends by your side.  Having your closest friends near you before you walk down the aisle and say I do, could definitely put you at ease and give you an air of confidence.

Forgoing a wedding party means less expenses, less drama and more focus on the true meaning of your day.  If you are looking for less pomp and circumstance or just prefer for the crux of the wedding to be about the love between you and your betrothed, then saying no to a wedding party may be just what you need.  Weddings have changed over the years and we love it. Today it is much more accepted for a couple to write their own script when it comes to their wedding, and we are here for it!

Follow along for our best tips, tricks, and advice that we've gathered after almost a decade of making wedding magic happen! 



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