Wedding Ideas That Make it a Celebration to Remember

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Sometimes wedding season can leave us feeling a little bit like it’s groundhog’s day. You know what we are talking about… you and your significant other have attended 10 weddings all over the country this year and as horrible as it may sound, you’re over it and have a case of wedding fatigue. Multiple weddings in one year can sometimes drain the excitement and leave these beautiful celebrations feeling redundant. Unfortunately, they begin to all blend together and no one wants that for their wedding day. The best way to make a wedding stand out is to make it your own. Take into consideration your favorite foods, your choice of entertainment and anything that represents you as a couple. Look for ways to wow your guests all while staying true to yourself. Here are some clever ideas for hosting a standalone wedding. 


We all know that food can make or break a wedding.  If you are a foodie, think about your very best food day including breakfast, lunch and dinner and don’t forget snacks and desserts too.  No one said  that a wedding meal has to be just dinner. Who could forget a pancake and waffle bar or food trucks that supply various yummy cuisine. When in doubt we think bringing in different “bars” is always a no brainer. Roaming raw bars, a mashed potato bar, dessert bars, the ideas (and options) are endless. Another great way to stand out  is to give your guests some late night snacks for their journey home…a grilled cheese station, mac and cheese bar, make your own pizza and DIY ice cream sandwiches are all great ideas. New and exciting foods are not only fun and unique but will leave your guests talking for years…a surefire way to stand out! 


While music and dancing are staples at a wedding, they certainly do not have to be the only entertainment options. Dancing is such an important part of the day, especially all of the sentimental dances, however we also think that tapping into some cultural dances can be fun too.  If there are dances that you would like to incorporate into your day, we think it is a nice touch to have someone there to teach your guests the steps. This becomes a more interactive experience, rather than just a crowd standing and watching (and dare I say getting bored). Another great option to making your wedding entertainment stand out is by asking your guests to be part of the playlist creation. Including a place on your RSVP card for some favorite song requests is a great way to make sure you include everyone and get them all on the dance floor. While we love a good dance party, other entertainment sprinkled in can really help up the ante. Some of our favorites include live painters, belly dancers,  bourbon tastings, tarot card readers or fortune tellers, aerialists and circus performers, and even an adult sized  bouncy castle. If you can dream it, you can have it…love swimming; hire some synchronized swimmers to entertain your guests during an outdoor cocktail hour. For our boho brides, you can even have a  “make your own flower crown” station…how cute is that?  If you are looking to give your guests something interactive that doubles as a favor…try a “make your own bud vase” station. Making a wedding interactive as well as entertaining is super unique and memorable. 


Decor is always key to making your wedding your own, even if you keep everything  else traditional, your decor will always be authentically yours. While we think that it is important to adopt your own style, we can’t help but pass along some of these ideas that really stand out.  Getting creative with your cocktail napkins can be simple but memorable. We love the idea of “fun fact” cocktail napkins. Pack your napkins with some personality by printing fun facts about the bride and groom and their coupledom. Or kick it up a notch and make it into a trivia game, by turning these fun facts into questions. We also suggest getting creative with your escort cards, centerpieces and tablescapes. While we love flowers, we recommend displaying them differently than just one large arrangement  per table. Try breaking it up into many smaller vases that run the length of the table, this is different and can make your decor stand out. 

Seating Arrangements 

Consider changing up the style of seating for both the ceremony and the reception.  Try seating your family and friends in a circular fashion during the ceremony so your guests can get a 360 degree view.  This changes the visuals for them and gives them the opportunity to take in the reaction of some of your most treasured guests. Instead of benches or chairs, try selecting distinctive seating options that jive with your style or theme. Having a boho wedding…try floor cushions, poufs or ottomans. Trying to give off a chic outdoor vibe, find  some large tree stumps that can double as a seat. Anything is worth looking into if there is a specific vibe you’re looking to accomplish. For dinner, we suggest long family style tables to add intimacy but also promote conversation. We also love a relaxed atmosphere where guests can choose any high top table and grab some savory treats throughout the night…a laidback look that promotes mingling. 

Add Some Sentiment

 There is always a reason to get a bit teary eyed and emotional at weddings…the bride’s entrance, the first kiss, father daughter dance..while we would never do away with these beautiful moments…a  little more sentimentality never hurt anyone.  If you are a sucker for that butterfly feeling,  may we suggest  some sweet touches to add to your day.  How about handwritten notes at each place setting?  While this is a time consuming task on top of everything else that needs to be done, I simply cannot think of a better way to let each individual guest know how much you appreciate their presence at your wedding…especially in these trying times. Another beautiful moment that is sure to be remembered is the passing of a “tribute bouquet”.  During this breathtaking moment, the bride will toast a special lady that has made the greatest impact on her life, then hand off her bouquet as a tribute.  A tear provoking and special moment where your guests are given the opportunity to  honor such an important person.  We also love the idea of passing off a bouquet to the couple that has been married the longest and subsequently asking them to share some words of wisdom for a long and happy marriage.  A kind gesture and sentimental salute are both emotional and bewildering moments that will not be forgotten.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. The idea of your special day being forgotten is heartbreaking. We think that simply adding something special and unique to your day is a surefire way to stand out. Whether it is a small sentimental moment or a foodie’s paradise, if it is authentic to you as a couple, your guests will never forget.

Follow along for our best tips, tricks, and advice that we've gathered after almost a decade of making wedding magic happen! 



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