Our Best Tips for Planning Your Wedding Day Music 

Photo by 3 Cats Photography


Planning your wedding is filled with so many new experiences.  It is not often we tour catering halls, choose between endless floral arrangements and plan a meal for 100 (or more) people…this is a journey like no other filled with surprises, challenges and a whole lot of compromise. Welcome to married life! Planning your wedding music is definitely one of the most enjoyable aspects of this exciting process but it can equally be one of the most daunting to conquer.  The best wedding music will set the tone for the moment, reflect you and your partner’s taste and eventually get everyone out of their seats and dancing.  The pressure is on! 

Music is one of the details of a wedding that pulls it all together…are you looking to host an intimate dinner party with soft, romantic music or perhaps you plan on your music being the driving force to a night filled with dancing and fun.  Deciding early on whether your tunes are  going to add an air of sophistication or be the catalyst to get the party started is the first step in planning your music. Read on for some tips on how to begin this tuneful task! 

Outline the Day 

Not all weddings are the same, so how you plan your day will determine the events that need to be set to music. (Check out our blog for determining what special moments in your wedding day timeline need music!) Consider the special moments throughout your day that will need music to accompany them to ensure your day will go off without a hitch. 

Chat About Taste

Just because you are meant for each other doesn’t necessarily mean you have the same taste in music…after all opposites do attract. Reaching a common ground on the sounds you want to hear and incorporating any songs that are significant in your journey together is a great starting point.  If you are on two separate ends of the music spectrum, find a compromise so both of your musical tastes are being included. Remember the music you decide on will set the tone for your entire day. 

DJ vs. Live Band

Lucky for us music can capture every mood across the spectrum, but choosing the medium in which your music and lyrics are delivered can be a challenging decision.  While we think that both are excellent choices for so many reasons, the vibe that each will carry through the night is very different. Whichever you decide, we strongly recommend creating a playlist so that the DJ or band best understands the type of party you want. 

Craft Your Playlist 

Making your own playlist allows you to be the mastermind of your day.  Create a playlist for getting ready with your besties to help alleviate those wedding day jitters, choose entrance music that will get the party started and figure out what you will need to keep your guests dancing all night long. By making playlists you get to personalize your entire day. Bonus…all those songs that make you cringe will stay a safe distance from your dance floor.  Now that is music to my ears. But… We will say that trusting the professionals that you hire for the day does go a long way. Consider providing a playlist for your DJ to showcase the vibe that you want for the day, but allow them to read the crowd and do what they think is best to keep the dance floor packed! 

Poll Your Peers 

Ask your family and friends for recommendations for great music, excellent vendors and jaw-dropping dance moves.  There is nothing like a wedding guest to give you an unbiased view on all things music…especially when they will be attending your wedding and want a good time guarantee! Planner’s Tip: Ask your guests what song will get them on the dance floor on your RSVP cards.  

Consider a No-Play List 

Just as important as the playlist is the “no play” list.  Having to hide that cringe-worthy look when your ex’s favorite song starts blaring through the speakers is hardly something we want to remember in photos! Make sure you let your DJ or band know any music that is forbidden from your best day ever!  

With the right music selection, you will set the tone for your elegant wedding ceremony, the chilled out cocktail hour and the reception to remember.  Wedding music is vital in setting the mood, so take control of the sweet sounds that will accompany your wedding and be rest assured that your guests will be rocking the night away.