A Planner’s Perspective on Why You Should Work With a Wedding Planner

We'll have a thorough and very transparent conversation at the beginning of our process about the numbers and create a customized budget for you to map things out. This is key to keeping us on track during our planning journey and will allow you to feel in full control over one of the most stressful aspects of planning. 


We'll recommend and help secure your vendor dream team by enlisting our catalogue of world-class vendors that we've worked with over the years. Our industry knowledge and experience allows us to make the perfect matches for you based on your preferences and personality. 


We'll guide you with our expertise, support you through your tough decisions, and talk you through your emotions at every turn. Through regular, structured meetings, we will ensure that you feel supported at every stage of the planning process. 


We'll execute the event you've always dreamed of and allow you to feel like a guest at your own event. 


A wedding is hardly an inexpensive endeavor in life, so fitting a wedding planner into an already tight budget may seem like a luxury only certain couples can afford. Once upon a time, wedding planners were saved for the weddings of the rich and famous. However, over the years that has changed and the process of hiring a wedding planner has become almost customary in the planning journey.  Not only are you getting a wedding expert but you are also gaining a trustworthy teammate and loyal friend to help you navigate this somewhat stressful journey. 

Taking on all of the details of your wedding day can be overwhelming but giving up all authority on your wedding decisions may not be your style either.  Lucky for us, wedding planning packages come in all shapes and sizes to fit into your budget, and allows you to make every decision along the way or to sit back and enjoy the ride…whatever you desire.  If you are still on the fence about whether or not a wedding planner is necessary, read on to learn more about why we think wedding planners are an important and worthy part of your budget. 

Budget Friendly and Budget Savvy  

The most common misconception about wedding planners is that they are going to increase the cost of your wedding day.  For all the naysayers, it is actually the other way around…your wedding planner is going to keep your wedding in check and also get you the most value for your money.  He or she knows most of the vendors and venues  in the surrounding communities and can sometimes find better prices for what you are looking for.  Instead of spending all of your money, they will actually manage your budget, negotiate costs and help you with all of your big money decisions.  A wedding planner sees the big picture, while most brides and grooms can only see what is right in front of them at the moment. One of our favorite things about wedding planners is that they are excellent with keeping their clients accountable when it comes to budget.

The Best Kind of Friend

Your wedding planner wants to make you happy and they are always there to listen and hear you out no matter what crazy idea you have.  When your maid of honor and partner can’t take another one of your ideas, your wedding planner will be there with a listening ear.  While they are not your therapist they often act like a mediator when it comes to tough decisions.  They have heard and seen it all and usually know how to navigate any tricky situation that may arise.  The bottom line is they may not always agree with you but they will always have your best interest at heart.  They are a non-judgemental friend that will know and understand your vision and want to make it happen for you! 

They Will Transform Your Space into Your Dream Wedding 

Choosing a venue can be daunting but having a professional on your side can really help you reimagine the space.  A wedding planner can take your dreams and make it a reality.  Not everyone has an eye for design, and if that is the case then you really need a design expert on your team.  Do you want a winter wonderland in the middle of July, want to feel like you have been transported to the romantic streets of Rome…a wedding planner can do just that.  They are the authority on everything magical, classy and elegant!

They Come With a Team 

While wedding planners are incredible, they do not have the power to be everywhere at once…so they bring a team! Imagine a team of people similar to the wedding planner you fell in love with.  While one is bustling a dress, another is making sure cocktail  hour goes off without a hitch, while yet another is transforming the ceremony area into a chic lounge where guests can hang out during the reception.  This team will make magic happen all while you enjoy what is truly supposed to be the best day of your life. 

They Know How to Make it Work 

When the cost of all of your ideas start to exceed your budget, your wedding planner will swoop in with creative alternatives that will still bring your vision to life.  A professional wedding planner can help you think outside the box to have a truly personalized event.  They have a huge knowledge base to tap from and will know exactly what to do to make your wedding feel like you. 

Helps Take the Stress Out of Planning 

While no one can guarantee you a completely stress free wedding or planning journey; having a professional on your side can certainly help you navigate through the stress,  troubleshoot any issues that may arise and iron out all of the last minute details. Your planner likely has seen it all and knows how to handle any crazy situation that may arise.  Putting your trust in the professional you choose will alleviate a ton of stress that a bride may feel throughout this process. 

In addition to helping a couple budget and handling all the sticky details like legal contracts and seating arrangements, it is important to remember that you are hiring someone that is going to see your vision all the way through. This person will stay focused on your wedding day and push to make sure everything goes according to your unique plan.  Your wedding planner will make your life easier and your wedding run smoother.  Hiring a planner will ensure that when you look back at your wedding day you will remember all of the magical moments that occurred, not the stress of making sure everything went according to plan!


Follow along for our best tips, tricks, and advice that we've gathered after almost a decade of making wedding magic happen! 



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