Coping With COVID:  How to Honeymoon During a Pandemic 

The pandemic has truly changed the way we do everything…travel included.  And while some couples are ready to hop on a plane and explore the world, others are timidly making arrangements for some semblance of a honeymoon.  The bottom line is, even though we may finally see a light at the end of the tunnel,  travel is an extremely personal choice and is based on your comfort level as we steer through this uncertainty.

Unfortunately for many couples, they have been forced to confront the pandemic through every aspect of wedding planning including their honeymoon. With ever changing guidelines, uncertainty in planning a honeymoon makes perfect sense. As we see the world inching toward normal we are ecstatic about the idea of couples finally having the opportunity to honeymoon again, however we thought it would be helpful if we offered some tips on navigating this uncharted territory. 

International vs. Domestic 

Prior to the pandemic, Italy was the number one international destination for honeymooners…but as we know traveling across borders comes with many obstacles.  As couples are starting to feel comfortable with traveling many are deciding to stay domestic.  When travelling internationally you are faced with more complicated logistics; negative COVID tests (even if you are vaccinated) and  possible quarantines dependent on location.  Due to the lack of international travel, domestic hotspots are filling up quickly and couples are planning and booking way in advance to guarantee their desired timeframe. With some hotels only operating at a fraction of their normal capacity, domestic honeymoons are becoming harder and harder to book.  We strongly suggest booking as early as possible to ensure you get what you want. 

Drivable Destinations 

Maybe getting on a plane right now is not sitting right with you…we totally get it! Some couples are saving their luxurious honeymoons abroad for a couple of years and instead opting for a location (or locations) within driving distance.  There are many romantic spots that are close by that will offer spa services, intimate dining and time spent alone. Many couples are also looking into renting private properties so they are secluded. After all, being together is the whole idea….it doesn’t matter where it is. 

Simple Itineraries Driven by Nature 

Once upon a time, couples would book a 2 week honeymoon that included 10 different destinations.  One common denominator of recently booked honeymoons is that couples are opting to slow down.  Pacing themselves and enjoying one or two spots instead of constantly traveling from place to place is more enjoyable and a bit more relaxing when traveling during a pandemic.  

As honeymoons are already such a private experience, couples are also turning toward vacations that are inherently socially distanced and intimate.  Being a comfortable distance away from crowds is the way it should be on a honeymoon and just safer right now.  Hotspots that offer outdoor spaces, minimal common areas and provide a chance for intimate experiences (think candlelight dinner on the beach alone) are very trendy right now. PLANNERS TIP:  Make sure to reserve these romantic experiences ahead of time, because most people are in the mindset that being alone is just safer so naturally these types of opportunities are booking up quickly. 

Things to Remember (and Live By) When Booking Your Honeymoon 

Plan Sooner Rather than Later 

People are bubbling over and ready to travel, so the best piece of advice we can give you is to start planning and booking right away.  

Know Before You Go

Many of us haven’t left our houses, let alone travel the world in the past year, so make sure you are fully versed and knowledgeable about any restrictions or guidelines that are in place.  Safety protocols vary from state to state as well as country to country.  If you are planning on going to a remote, off the beaten path type of location, bear in mind that some places are still requiring 2 weeks of isolation upon entry.  Being in the know is not only smart but it takes a lot of stress out of traveling. 

Look for COVID Compliance 

If you are a mask wearing, law abiding citizen, make sure you are venturing someplace that has the same beliefs.  The last thing you want to do is step into a hotel with thousands of maskless people.  Knowing ahead of time how the hotel is navigating COVID and what standards they have in place will save you from unpleasant surprises!

Book With Travel Insurance 

At this point, we have all experienced something we probably couldn’t imagine. No one expected this or saw it coming. One thing we learned is that sometimes the worst case scenario can happen.   Now more than ever, having travel insurance is so important.   If  something happens that keeps you from traveling, you will feel better knowing you can get  your money back or at best, reschedule for a later date. 

Be Mindful When Packing 

Remember the days of turning to your neighbor and asking to borrow a pen, or a tissue for that runny nose?   Most do not feel comfortable sharing right now, so make sure to have sanitizer, hand wipes, pens, extra masks, etc. in your carry on just in case you need something. 

Follow the Guidelines

If you need a negative COVID test beforehand…do it.  If you are asked to fill out paperwork on the plane…go for it.  We want our resorts and hotels to comply with regulations to keep us safe, so we should do the same.  Make sure to research what you have to do before and while you are flying so you are prepared. 

Whether you are ready to “get back to normal” or you are still nervous about leaving your house to hit the grocery store, going on a honeymoon is always a special time to connect with your other half, away from the craziness of life if only for a moment.  Assessing your comfort level is the first step in your planning journey. Knowing whether you want to dive right in or push it off just a while longer is very important.  Honeymoons are a time of togetherness and happiness so make sure you are ready to embrace it completely.