Coping with COVID: Can I Have an Open Dance Floor at My Wedding During COVID?

To put it simply… weddings are about togetherness, a moment in time with everyone that is near and dear to your heart, and to some, the best party ever thrown.  Even in the best of times, planning your nuptials is rarely stress free! Leave it to a pandemic to up the ante on this beautiful chaos we call wedding planning! 

While we have couples that have cancelled and postponed their 2020 weddings, we also have those that are powering through (with a lot of safety precautions), and we applaud them for taking on the challenge.  For the couples that are not keen on the idea of putting their celebration on hold a moment longer, we seem to always get the same question; “can I have a band or DJ on my wedding day?”  

After planning several COVID weddings over the past months it seems that, across the board, our brides and grooms are choosing to keep music as part of their weddings.  How they choose to incorporate music is entirely a question that only they can answer based on their comfort level and them gauging the comfort level of their guests.  

Photograph by Blissmore Photography

Let’s Get This Party Started!: Dance Floor Business as Usual 

Many of our clients still want what they always envisioned for their wedding regardless of the pandemic and although they have to follow all guidelines put in place by their venue, they are opting to have a band or DJ as planned. The guidelines state that for safe interaction at weddings, mask wearing and social distancing on the dance floor should be in place. From our experience, these regulations did not seem to hinder the fun. After all, we all need a bit of space on the dance floor to get down!  Just remember, as with everything throughout this pandemic, everyone has a different comfort level. So, if a raucous dance floor is something you are not willing to give up, just remember that your guests may feel differently and choose to sit this dance party out. 

Planners tip: Make it easy to help guests distinguish their levels of comfort throughout the party. Use color-coded wristbands or leis (yes, leis! This was one of our favorite ideas of the season!) to indicate who is ready to be front and center on the dance floor, and who will be 2 stepping on the sidelines.       

Bonus Tip: If there is a full fledged dance floor in your future and you are providing guest transportation, it might be a good idea to provide an early shuttle for those who aren’t quite ready to dust off their dancing shoes! 

From Dance Party, to Dinner Party

Maybe the thought of a packed dance floor and a possible mask slip up sends chills down your spine!  (We totally get it!)  Weddings with background music to deter any kind of dancing is also an option. Background music while everyone is enjoying their meal not only plays it safe but also creates an incredible atmosphere for conversations and chatting with old pals. Another option is live music played by a smaller musical group, think jazz trio, while guests are eating and enjoying a relaxing night.  Both scenarios still call for music but turn your full-blown wedding bash into a classy dinner party. If you intend to play it safe on your wedding day (and we hope you will) but still want chic dinner party vibes, we recommend taking this route.  

I think we all agree that a wedding without music just doesn’t seem right. Knowing your comfort level and that of your guests plus a little bit of creativity will hopefully take the stress off this aspect of wedding planning. So, get down on the dance floor (safely) or use music to set the mood for your dinner guests; whichever you choose, own it, and make it the best day of your life!