Why We Love Microweddings: Tips on How to Rock Your Intimate Wedding!

If you think back on all your wedding dreams from when you were a child, a worldwide pandemic was probably not part of it! As some of your plans were forced to be changed if you were planning to celebrate your wedding in 2020, a smaller guest list is probably one of the first changes that you had to consider. While your wedding may no longer have a large (or even average) guest count, full weekend agendas, or over the top elements; your intimate celebration can be filled with quality face time with your guests, personal touches, and custom-curated details that make it all about you. So whether you were planning small from the start or had to make some changes in the wake of Corona you; we’ve found that these are the best ways to make your intimate microwedding one for the books!   

Plan for a Ceremony That is Inclusive and Significant 

Your 200 plus guest list just scaled down to 30 guests.  Now is your chance to turn your wedding into a celebration of you and your fiance rather than a full-scale production. Choose music and readings that embrace your love, personalize your vows and involve your guests in the traditions  of your day.  Chances are those 30 people will be a part of your entire day, so including them from the very start is special and something they will remember forever. 

Photo by Stefanie Kamerman Photography

Go Crazy with Personal Touches 

While we cannot get enough of personal touches in any size wedding, a little goes a long way in smaller, intimate weddings.  Here are some ideas to try out; writing a personalized note to each guest, displaying pictures of you and your guests around your venue, and a menu that is tailored to your “hand-selected” guests.  This is your chance to worry less about pleasing a big crowd and having a day that is truly reflective of you, your other half, and your nearest and dearest.

Lean into Intimacy 

Maybe you will be missing out on your choreographed dance number and your guests won’t be crowding the dance floor to do the “wobble”, but just imagine the wonderful conversations that will occur; think cozy dinner party or relaxed garden BBQ.  Lean into your smaller crowd and embrace it and all the beautiful memories that will be made with those that are closest to your heart. 

Stick to Traditions (If You Want To)

Small doesn’t have to mean “low-key”. If you still want a big gorgeous white dress or a flashy tux, the quintessential cake cutting ceremony and the gasp-inducing bouquet toss, go for it!  If tradition is your thing, don’t forgo it even if it is big and grand.  

The important thing to remember is, big or small, this is one of the greatest days of your life and it will feel special because it’s YOUR wedding day; the day you have been dreaming about… even if it is a reimagined dream. After all the planning and (perhaps) re-planning; you are getting married to the love of your life, and that is what is truly important.