You Pick the Place, We’ll Pack Our Bags: The Advantages of Having a Destination Wedding

destination wedding

Team Anyvent was honored to have been invited to take part in a destination wedding experience hosted by EAST Miami and Alore Event Firm a few weeks ago and boy did it get us thinking about our destination couples.  Each year, more and more couples are opting to have friends and family pack their bags to join them at some of the world’s most beautiful locations to take part in their nuptials. These are the reasons that we say “I do” to destination weddings!

destination wedding

How could you say no to waking up to this view on the big day? Location: EAST Miami

It Limits Your Guest Count to Your Nearest and Dearest

Interested in a small but stunning wedding celebration with just those closest to you?  Well a destination wedding may be calling your name!  Instead of the average 15% of invitees who will decline for a local wedding, about 50% will decline when invited to a destination wedding.  This is an unbiased way to control your guest count and guarantees that you will more than likely end up celebrating with only your core group of friends and family without offending your “courtesy invitees”.    

You Can Incorporate Local Flavors, Customs, and Traditions Into Your Celebration

This is really a chance for your big day to shine as you sprinkle in hints of local flair throughout the big day. Instead of serving the traditional steak, fish, and vegetarian dishes, why not have your main course be the dish that your destination is most known for? In addition, your wedding design will effortlessly be anything but cookie cutter if you truly embrace the culture and feel of your location. Hey, when in Rome….

It’s a Vacation for Everyone

Destination weddings not only give you the opportunity to be selective in setting the stage for a magnificent backdrop to your wedding, but it allows you and those closest to you to explore a new destination together.  This gives you free reign to create an unforgettable weekend full of surprises as you tailor your guest experience to your chosen location. Going to Mexico? How about organizing a tequila tasting or taco tour? Is Miami calling your name?  A mojito making class it is! The possibilities are endless and will keep your guests talking for years to come!

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