Planner’s Perspective: Wedding Day Forget-Me-Nots

I know that my couples have a million things swirling around their minds in the days leading up to their wedding.  Did you tell your brother the right rehearsal time? Did you tell the caterer which napkin fold you want? Did you pack your underwear?!!!  As a Planner, it’s my job to make sure that you remember the very easily forgettable things or things that you never really think of at all. These are a few of the details that fall within the incredibly forgettable that end up making a difference.

Your Wedding Stationery

Thought that you were done with your wedding invitations on that last trip to the post office?  Nope! I always recommend bringing along your entire invitation suite so that your photographer can get awesome detail shots of it on the big day.  Your wedding album should tell the entire story of your journey to the aisle… invitations included! Not for nothing, but they are probably also the most expensive paper products that you will buy in your life, why not at least snag a photo that will stand the test of time long after they are buried in a memory box under the bed?

Reserved Seating

This is a huge oversight that a lot of couples make in the ceremony space.  You’ve invited all of the most important people in your lives to celebrate, so they are all VIPs in your mind.  That being said, you need to make sure that nanna and your parents have a place to sit after they strut down the aisle. Take a few moments to think of how many seats you will need to reserve at the front of the aisle for those who are super close to you and then bring signs to reserve however many rows you need to.   

Your “Person”

This is a concept that is often overlooked.  Usually, couples are so wrapped up in the activities that will take place during the day that they forget what needs to happen at the end of the night.  When you get on the party bus to continue the celebration at the afterparty, where will your things from the wedding go? Gifts and personal items need a home at the end of the night and I always recommend having a person that you trust tasked with the responsibility of taking these things.  If you have a Planner, definitely be sure to give them this person’s contact information and most importantly let your person know that they are that person. I’m all about surprises during a wedding, but this shouldn’t be one of them!

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