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Wedding trends are ever changing, one moment everyone is getting married in a rustic barn in the countryside and the next we are seeing private ceremonies and restaurant receptions…on two separate days. Wedding trends can be described as fickle and inconsistent, but as a wedding planner, we love it!  We love new and inspiring ideas, different vibes and visions, and of course, a challenge!

As we immerse ourselves in the 2024 wedding season, we are happy to see some fresh wedding trends that are making their way down the aisle, as well as those tried and true classic trends that we can’t get enough of. As a coordinator of all things wedding, it is important to enter the wedding decor conversation with an open mind.

Trend #1: Classic White and Blush 

A classic white and blush wedding is breathtaking, it is pure and clean and we love how different pops of color can also work well with this trend. This is one trend that we have worked with time and time again, and it never gets old. In fact, I feel pretty confident in saying that a white and blush wedding will never go out style. Blush is natural and dreamy and just exudes romance and whimsy. The white and blush color palette is timeless but can also be given a modern twist,  taking classic to groundbreaking.

Adding colorful boutonnieres offers a balanced color palette between the muted blush and the darker flowers.  Gilded accents such as rose gold or copper can also add a modern touch and some glitz and glamor to this classic theme. Candlelight adds romance to this moment, while peach or rust accent colors can enhance your centerpieces. Greenery can also intensify the natural and organic hues. The white and blush palette can really be used as a neutral backdrop for a myriad of colors and elements that will upgrade this very classic theme.

Trend #2: Italian Inspired
Italy…a popular destination to wed, but not always a possibility financially.  Marrying stateside but taking cues from an old world Italian wedding…very doable and a vibe we absolutely love. An Italian inspired wedding calls for luxe details. We are not talking about glitz and sparkle, but rather ornate, gold flatware, cake servers and cake stands, anything that helps create the feel of old world Italy. Bringing in vines and greenery as a table runner in lieu of linens…Perfetto!  Adorning a table with grape leaves and plenty of foliage, will draw inspiration from Italy’s rich countryside. Don’t forget to set the tone with string lights, this dainty glow will give the illusion of dining alfresco in the Italian country.  Bonus points if your guests are actually dining under the stars.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of an Italian inspired wedding is the fresh herbs and citrus that can be used beyond the entrees. Think freshly poured Limoncello, fresh rosemary sprigs embellishing the menus and potted herbs, such as thyme used as decor throughout the reception. Decorating with herbs is definitely a unique touch and something that captures the Italian essence.

Although decor is our favorite thing to chat about when it comes to weddings, we cannot forget to express the importance of food at an Italian inspired wedding. Play up traditional foods; offer a cheese and cured meats station, inviting guests to prepare their own charcuterie.  An authentic Italian cuisine should be at the forefront of your menu, along with Prosecco toasts and classic Italian desserts.  Dining family style is another great option to embrace the old world Italian charm.

Trend #3: Color… Everywhere! 

Experience the essence of a blossoming garden with the color explosion wedding trend. Incorporating vibrant hues into your wedding decor will evoke the delicate beauty of blooming flowers.  Each color that you choose will add a layer of charm and elegance. Spring and summer weddings offer the perfect opportunity to embrace the spirit of color!

The color explosion trend can be executed in many ways, but our favorite way is to do so through floral arrangements. The use of neutral linens and candlelight offers a blank canvas for the color explosion trend.  We love the idea of over the top flowers and a stand out charger and napkin to accent the white and ivory linens and tablescape.

Capturing the charm of spring or summer with color can evoke romance and whimsy. Whether you prefer pastel tones or bright vibrant hues, the use of flowers to radiate this trend is going to create breathtaking results.  If you love color we love this trend for you!  

Wedding trends are the essence of your wedding vibe and vision. We love the creativity that goes into creating a couple’s wedding day.  Wedding decor is what makes us tick, so we can only hope the wedding trends keep on coming!  If you need some inspiration or just want to take a look at other wedding trends we love, look here for some of our favorite wedding designs.

Wedding design is our jam at Anyvent Event Planning, but we are a team of foodies at heart!  If you share our love of food, and want to read about some of our favorite food trends, take a look at our past blog, Foodie Fiances: Our Favorite Food and Beverage Trends.

Follow along for our best tips, tricks, and advice that we've gathered after almost a decade of making wedding magic happen! 



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