The Price of Pinterest: Preparing Yourself for Sticker Shock When Shopping for Wedding Flowers

Photo by Blissmore Photography

So you planned your entire wedding day via Pinterest…little did you know you also pinned yourself a wedding budget that far exceeds reality.  Although we totally believe that Pinterest may be one of the greatest inventions on the planet…they definitely need a disclaimer that getting carried away can  (and will) happen.   

Unfortunately for many, wedding sticker shock is a thing… in particular floral sticker shock. When expectation meets reality and you start receiving quotes on flowers, you realize just how expensive they can be. Don’t get me wrong, wedding flowers are meant to be beautiful and they are important, but you do not need to sell the farm just to have a breathtaking bouquet! Whether you are looking for simple and straightforward or dramatic and more in-depth, we have some tips to help prepare you for your florist consultations. 

Have a Budget in Mind 

Many brides are guilty of choosing flowers without having any knowledge of the seasonality and  proximity of these florals. It’s easy to see a picture of a gorgeous flower and fall in love with it, maybe even plan your wedding around it! (Eek!!)  Most of the time we have no idea how hard it is to obtain the flowers of our dreams. Lucky for us, there are so many beautiful types of flowers that are more budget friendly that may mimic something you saw on Pinterest if you can’t have (or afford) your dream bouquet. Having a budget in mind at your initial consultation, will give the florist the opportunity to suggest flowers that fall within it. Remember they are the experts, so going in with an open mind is important. 

That Being Said…Have an Open Mind

This is your wedding day, so settling is not an option.  However, being open to suggestions from an expert is recommended. It is important that you come armed with a list of flowers you love and flowers you hate. If you hate roses, your florist should know not to make them part of your wedding day. Being able to express what you would love to see will make the process a less stressful one. 

Knowledge is Power

Researching your floral options ahead of time may take some of the sticker shock and disappointment out of the initial consultation. If you have a flower in mind but find out that it does not thrive in the hot sun, then they may not be the best choice for your outdoor July wedding.  Although you may love that particular flower, we promise you will not love looking at a photograph of a wilted bouquet for years to come. Having this information ahead of time definitely takes the sting out of hearing “sorry, that’s not going to work!”.

It’s Not All About the Flowers

Been dreaming of flowers framing every doorway? Well my friend, that takes multiple people and hours and hours of time to create. When looking at floral quotes, it’s important to understand the labor (of love!) that goes into all of those stunning pieces. Not only do your wedding flowers take hours of prep as soon as they are delivered to your florist’s front door, but in order to meet the time restrictions for set up that you venue may have, the hustle is real! That means multiple people, working multiple hours, climbing multiple ladders, to make the fairytale aesthetic come true… and that comes at a cost! Please keep in mind that you are paying for a floral team… not just beautiful blooms! 

Knowing What you Need 

Going into your consultation with an idea of what you will need will help the florist determine the cost early on in your floral planning. It’s a great idea to plan ahead and determine if you can use the flowers from your ceremony in your reception as well. Not only will this use your budget in an effective way but it will also make for a cohesive look throughout the day.  PLANNERS TIP:  The bridal bouquet is always the most photographed so if you want one floral splurge we suggest using it on your bouquet, you will not be disappointed.