Vendor Spotlight: Stefanie Kamerman Photography


Meet Stefanie… 

The moment I met Stefanie I knew that I was going to love working alongside her. Whether you are meeting her for the first time or have known her for years, in her presence you will feel like you are in the company of an old friend.  She connects and interacts with her couples in such a way that you instantly know this is going to be more than just photography.  In her words, she wants her clients to feel like an old friend is showing up to photograph their wedding.  She has a way of forming long lasting and meaningful relationships with her clients, that most are not ready to say goodbye once the wedding ends (don’t worry she usually isn’t either)!  She lives in all the beautiful moments of your wedding day right beside you…just like an old friend would. We hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about our vendor spotlight; Stefanie Kamerman. 

How/Why did you get into wedding photography?  

Prior to weddings, I was a small business and branding photographer. My curiosity of wedding photography is what drove me into that market. I started assisting other wedding photographers in the DMV area and after photographing one, I was hooked. I learned quickly how much I loved documenting real emotions because – as we all know – weddings are high-emotion days. Much different than my other market of branding! I also found out that I enjoyed the challenge of being in a chaotic environment – I’m thinking bridal suites and groom suites – and directing beauty. I find this to be oddly soothing. 

What makes you/your style stand out from other wedding photographers?

What makes me different from any other photographer? To be honest, I am still trying to figure this out! But what I will say is that the one thing I have going differently is my personality and experience. My Google and The Knot client reviews reflect this. I am a firm believer in a genuine connection between myself and my couples. I think it is important that people are comfortable in front of my camera, a genuine connection and trust makes my couples more relaxed. Which means authentic portraiture! I often check-in on my clients from the weeks after booking, but before their wedding which builds that trust. I like my people to know I am there for them. Especially as we continue to navigate COVID. People need two things in life: love and community. If I can bring that to my people through an email, I am here for that. 

Do you recommend that couples do an engagement session with their photographer?  Why or why not? 

I used to be in the engagement session recommendation camp, but I do not recommend them any longer, unless the couple decides to have a huge display of photos from that session on their table or want to use them for a save-the-date. I recommend taking the money they would invest in for an engagement session and invest that in their wedding day or the preservation of their bouquet. I am now skilled enough with posing people and working with people that a “warm-up” during an engagement session isn’t warranted. 

What are the biggest pitfalls that you see couples making when it comes to their wedding photography? 

I believe the biggest pitfall couples are falling into when it comes to wedding photographers are two things. Going back to my personality differentiation: couples need to ask wedding photographers how they handle the unexpected at weddings during their consults and that the couple believes their wedding day will go smoothly. Wedding days are organic beings and they are also volatile at times. I don’t say this to scare couples, but delays are inevitable and a go-with-the-flow mentality is super key to the success of your wedding day. Going back to the unexpected, couples should trust their photographer to make magic happen anywhere in any circumstance. 

As a photographer, what is your best advice for a couple looking for a wedding photographer?

 My best advice as a wedding photographer is to, again, go-with-the-flow and embrace your day knowing you have a team of professionals behind you. I cannot reiterate enough that a good planner (like Jazmin!!!) is imperative to a wedding and will help your day run smoothly. Your wedding day team will work together to handle the unexpected and ensure beauty comes about and love is documented. 

When Stefanie creates a wedding album for a couple she does so with the notion that she is leaving behind a legacy for a family. An heirloom that will be passed down for years to come, a tangible memory of all the beautiful moments of the day.  Stefanie is a skilled photographer whose personality and demeanor set her apart from so many.  We definitely recommend giving Stefanie Kamerman Photography a shot!