A Spine-Chilling Soiree: Incorporating Subtly Spooky Elements into Your Wedding

October…crisp weather is upon us, hot apple cider warms us, and the smell of pumpkin spice fills our home, all as a harvest of golden colors happen around us. Autumn certainly lends a beautiful backdrop to an October wedding. And then there is Halloween… Which just happens to be one of our favorite holidays!!! I mean I may know someone who painted their entire body purple for the sake of pulling off an authentic Ursula from the Little Mermaid… but that’s a story for a different day! 

At first thought Halloween weddings may seem terrifyingly tacky (I totally get it) but trust me, a little hocus pocus (done right) can be absolutely stunning. If you plan on saying “I boo” during the month of October and want to embrace the enchantment that is Halloween, we have some ghoulishly gorgeous wedding ideas to help you leave your guests spellbound.

The Devil is in the Details…


It is time to ditch the traditional light and bright tablescape for darker palettes. Think deep purple, burgundy, black, crimson, plum, gold and bronze. Incorporate these unconventional wedding colors into your napkins, flatware, cups, menus, and place cards. Dark table runners and linens also add a seasonal but chic element to the table. These deeper hues do not scream Halloween, but they do offer a subtly spooky element to your reception décor.

PLANNERS TIP: Want to wow your guests into the afterlife? We suggest setting the mood by pairing your dark tablescape with an overabundance of candlelight in a dimly lit room. Low ambient light is moody and evocative, adding just the right amount of mystery to your Halloween wedding décor.


A wedding is not complete without beautiful flowers, and although it may seem hard to find the perfect amount of spooky in a breathtaking bouquet, we have conjured up some elegant choices. When choosing flowers for your Halloween wedding, we suggest moody and dark with some gilded touches. Dark roses, dark callas, deep purple dahlias, and dark wine anemones are just a few. Great additions to your floral arrangements include succulents, greenery, thistles, foliage, and feathers.

Photo by Kait Winston Photography 

Signature Cocktails

Serving up a signature cocktail at your wedding reception has become somewhat of a staple for many couples. A curated cocktail can help set the tone for your Halloween wedding. Pouring the spooky elements into your cocktails, helps embrace the spirit of Halloween while keeping your reception décor chic. The ideas for Halloween inspired cocktails are endless and will promise just the perfect amount of blood-curling kick!

It’s not really Halloween until you indulge in the confectionary chaos, we call trick or treating. Believe us, if there is any excuse to satisfy your sweet tooth, Halloween is it!!! If you are shaking your head in agreement as you read this, then you need a trick or treat table at your wedding! Put down your plastic jack-o-lantern and get ready for some ideas on how to “trick” out your treats:

Bundles of cotton candy served in a vintage champagne flute or wine glass

Individual opaque treat boxes with some of your favorite Halloween goodies inside

Rock candy or sugar rimmed glasses paired with a dessert cocktail

Make your own candied or caramel apple bar complete with toppings

Using antique bar carts to display your grab and go candy choices.  Be sure to include lots of laboratory glassware, moody florals and metallic accents to give it that haunting vibe

If a Halloween wedding is part of your nightmares…. umm, I mean dreams, then you cannot go wrong using some of these sinister suggestions for your own Halloween soiree. So, grab your gold chalice and toast to forever…because after all it is ‘til death do us part!