Coping With COVID-19: Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping During Quarantine

Not only are weddings this season having to be postponed and cancelled as part of the Coronavirus fallout, but the exciting things that come along with planning are looking a lot different these days as well.  Bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and all of the exciting events leading up to the day have been compromised as well.  One of the experiences that a lot of our brides look forward to is finding their perfect wedding dress. Often it’s the fun activity that comes right after selecting the venue for our bride and her crew.  So what happens when the state mandates that bridal boutiques remain closed until further notice? Not to fear… some of our favorite boutiques are coming up with creative ways to give our brides a fun, and personal wedding dress shopping experience, even if they can’t come into the shop.  Our amazing industry friend, Kelly Aratoon, Director of Global Brand Strategy for Modern Trousseau, weighs in on what their brand is doing to help brides in these uncertain times:  


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“Love is not cancelled.

That’s our tagline as of recent and we encourage you to steal it. Heck we painted it on our DC storefront that’s how much it’s become our COVID mantra.

So many brides (perhaps yourself included) are now finding themselves having a postponed wedding with a small ceremony on the original wedding date and a larger celebration later. Some are realizing they are getting married in 2020 and don’t yet have a gown and others want something totally unique and have no idea where to start.

Let’s address these scenarios and what to do.

First, if your large wedding has been postponed and you’ve decided on a very inmate celebration on your original wedding day. If you plan on wearing the gown you purchased for your large celebration, we recommend getting the gown cleaned between wearing’s – this will ensure it is cleaned, pressed and ready to go for her second debut.

If you’ve decided to save your gown for the large ceremony and are looking for something fun for this intimate affair, consider a garment you planned to wear for a shower, or other pre-wedding celebration. 

If you’re in the market for a new gown or haven’t found the perfect gown for your upcoming wedding regardless of the date many boutiques are offering online sample sales. These gowns are floor samples meaning they have been tried on before but are in good condition at an unbelievable price. 

Finally, if you know you want a custom gown and haven’t found anything that you like, consider virtual appointments. Modern Trousseau’s owner Callie is offering 1:1 virtual consultation with custom sketches to bring your dream design to life.”

We are so thankful for businesses like Modern Trousseau that are doing their best to act as an amazing resource for countless couples as they reshape their definition of planning preparation.  Major plus is that The Modern Trousseau Team is graciously offering our brides free shipping on their sample sale purchases with the code ‘ISaidYes’. 


Preparation may look different, but make no mistake, the awesome folks who make up the wedding industry will be there to celebrate with you along the way and on your special day when the time is right! 


Photo by Sara Cramer Shields  

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