To Have and to Hold… To Write or to Fold?: A Planner’s Perspective on Wedding Vows

Out of all of the things on the wedding checklist that are left until the the minute, wedding vows take the cake. I mean really, THE LAST MINUTE. Like “getting dressed on the wedding morning and jotting down vow notes” last minute. True, you could make life a lot easier and exchange traditional vows and repeat after your officiant, but why not take advantage of your one opportunity to profess your love, in your words, to the person you love the most. So… where do you start? Let’s tackle these dilemmas… we are in this together!

wedding vows

The Dilemma: You don’t know where to start…

The Solution: The answer is simple. Instead of putting so much pressure on yourself to come up with the perfect words, keep it simple and start by writing down the things that you love most about your future husband or wife. Think of all of the reasons that it is so important to be taking this next step in your journey together, and the things that you are most excited for in your future together. By keeping it simple and honest, your vows will be the most genuine and unique expression of your feelings in the time leading up to your wedding day. Go for it! You will probably surprise yourself with how tear jerking your first round of notes can be. We believe in you!

The Dilemma: A wordsmith you are not…

The Solution: If you would rather pluck each of your eyelashes out individually than express your love in your own words in front of people, no need to fear… and no judgement either! But just because you don’t want to come up with your own words entirely, doesn’t mean that you have to recite medieval wedding vows that were first published in 1549 (mic drop on the useless wedding fact of the day). Instead, you can work with your officiant to personalize these vows to each other. Make them relevant to your relationship, funny, witty… but most of all, make them YOU.

The Dilemma: You want to write you own vows, but have severe stage fright as it is

The Solution: We get it! Standing in front of 100+ of your family and friends with all eyes on you is quite unnerving, but it shouldn’t pysch you out of sharing your true emotions with your one and only on your wedding day. Instead of reciting your innermost feelings in front of all of your wedding guests, you and your partner can exchange vow-like notes to each other the morning of the wedding. Doing a first look? One of our favorite moments from this wedding season was when our bride and groom decided to read their vows to each other during the time just after their first look. They were allowed to take that moment, focus on each other, and express their raw emotions to the sole person that they were meant for. I’m still getting all of the feels!

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