Love at First Sight: A Planner’s Perspective on First Looks

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We are right back in the swing of things with wedding season and this season’s couples are giving us life… and lots of material to write about. Too often, we get swept up in our Planners Brain and don’t realize that things that come second nature to us in the planning biz cause sleepless nights for a lot of our couples. There are so many decisions to be made and, as your days become numbered, all of the details that you didn’t think of seem to rise to the surface all at once. Enter Planner, Stage Right! I love being able to act as a resource to my couples who often times just need all of the facts laid out in front of them by someone who has been through what they are going through over 100 times (literally). I can see the weight that’s instantly lifted when they are confidently able to make a decision because they have a guarantee of how it will positively affect their wedding day.

One question that I’ve noticed popping up a lot lately is the decision as to weather or not to have a First Look. I for one am a HUGE fan of First Looks. Let’s talk details…

They Give You Time to Decompress Before the Wedding Day Madness

Weddings can be emotionally overwhelming. You have family, friends, coworkers, friends of your parents, and everyone in between who have traveled far and wide to come celebrate with you. They all want to congratulate you, take photos with you, and catch up on everything that has happened in life since the last time that they saw you. Somehow you and your partner are lost in a sea of people and have little time to spend with each other even though you are there to celebrate your union. First looks give you the opportunity to take a quiet moment together to just be yourselves and remember what brought you to this point. I also suggest having a first cocktail together. You’ve been cheersing your union all morning with your bridal party, why not take the edge off together and have your last drink as singles together.

The Photo Ops are Priceless!

I absolutely love the seeing the emotion on my couple’s faces as they see each other for the first time. Having this moment prior to the ceremony and in private (without say, 150 wedding guests staring) allows the emotion and reaction to be so much more raw and natural. You can be yourselves in that moment… laugh, cry, jump up and down… it’s YOUR moment. If you definitely want to wait to see your significant other on the aisle, I’m also a fan of having First Looks with parents.

They Allow You to Get the Majority of Your Photos Taken So That You Have More Time With Your Guests

Other than calming your nerves and creating a very special private moment, First Looks are great for your wedding day logistics as well. Since you’re already seeing each other prior to walking down the aisle, there is no reason that you can’t take the bulk of your must-have wedding photos before the ceremony. Couple portraits, bridal party pictures, and formal family photos can all be taken earlier in the day freeing up time after the ceremony for you to take a breather with your bridal party and grab a few snacks and even mingle at your own cocktail hour.

Weather you choose to have a First Look or not, I do recommend taking a few minutes alone to bask in the awesomeness of your union. Look each other in the eyes outside of the whirlwind and breath..together.

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