Planner’s Perspective: Shop ‘Til You Drop

black friday stationery

A Planner’s Opinion on Where to Save and Where to Splurge

In the spirit of Black Friday (my 2nd favorite holiday of the week),  I’m inspired to talk about things that my Planner brain thinks are worth spending and splurging on…besides those Black Friday doorbuster boots I’ve been eying at Macy’s.  We are all about savings where they are to be had, but you may want to think twice about cutting corners on some important wedding details.

Where to Save

Stationery:  Although we love beautiful pictures of wedding flat lays more than most, stationery is one of the easiest ways to cut wedding costs. We are by no means telling you to give up your picturesque paper, but it’s easy to opt out of having 8 invitation inserts to save a little bit of cash.  Keep it simple! Your invitation, RSVP card, and return envelope will still photograph beautifully next to your wedding rings and serve the ultimate purpose of wedding stationery.

black friday stationery

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Wedding Favors: From what we have seen this season, these are rightfully the first thing to go.  We are of the opinion that if your wedding favors are not extremely personal, then they are easy to forego. Too often we see that at least 60% of the guests head home at the end of the evening without grabbing their wedding favors which ends in a complete waste of dollars signs for our couples.

Where to Spend

Guest Experiences:  You will never be sorry for treating your guests like rock stars.  These are the things that will have friends and family talking for years to come.  We are seeing more and more people opt to have unique guests experiences present at their celebrations.  Charicature artists, champagne walls, and even “welcome butlers” are trending these days!

The Entertainment:  Wedding celebrations are just that….celebrations!!! I don’t know about you, but the celebration is synonymous with “great party” to me.  The DJ and band can make or break your party, so please choose wisely here. They can determine the entire mood and atmosphere of your wedding day, so choose wisely and do not cut corners here.

The Food/Catering:  I know that we are all beyond stuffed from this week’s celebrations, but food is front and center at a lot of wedding celebrations. Not only is food quality (and quantity) important on your wedding day, but so is the catering team that will be servicing your guests.  Make sure that you are hiring a reputable catering company with a proven track record to have your back on the big day. When comparing catering services and inclusions, be sure that the contract includes full service from start to finish so that you and your guests are not on cleaning duty at the end of the evening.  

Now go out and find all the Black Friday deals!  Macy’s, here I come 🙂   

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