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Photography by Kait Winston Photography   Well Hello Friends!  It’s time for our bi-weekly knowledge nuggets!  This week we are tackling something that seems like an insignificant title difference that can make ALL the difference on your wedding day.  We’re talking about day-of wedding coordinators vs. on-site coordinators/event managers. They’re pretty much the same thing, […]

A Lesson in Coordination: The Low Down on Day-of Coordinators vs. On-site Coordinators

Wedding Day Advice

Photography by Eric Lee Photography It’s my favorite season of the yeeeear!!! (Insert a whimsical background tune).  Yes, I love Fall and everything pumpkin spiced that comes along with it, but that’s not what I’m talking about…  Engagement season is about to officially be upon us!!! For us wedding professionals, this means a TON of […]

Planner’s Perspective: All of the Tools to Whole-Heartedly Say “I Do” to Your Perfect Wedding Venue

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As a Wedding Planner, one of the first things that I encourage my couples to think about is their wedding guest list. The reason for this is because it dictates most of the other decisions that you will make about your wedding. The number of guests that you decide to host on your wedding day […]

How Big is Too Big?: A Planner’s Perspective on Large Weddings vs. Small Weddings

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Out of all of the things on the wedding checklist that are left until the the minute, wedding vows take the cake. I mean really, THE LAST MINUTE. Like “getting dressed on the wedding morning and jotting down vow notes” last minute. True, you could make life a lot easier and exchange traditional vows and […]

To Have and to Hold… To Write or to Fold?: A Planner’s Perspective on Wedding Vows

Wedding Day Advice

Not only is the 2019 wedding season in full swing, but our 2020 couples are beginning to gather the pieces to make their wedding dreams come true.  You know what that means… Pinterest Palooza! Pinterest is often the first place that couples go to get inspiration for their big day. Even as a Planner, I […]

It’s Gonna Be Meeeee: A Planner’s Perspective on Making Your Wedding YOURS

Wedding Day Advice

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