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Anyvent Event Planning is a boutique event planning firm specializing in weddings and milestone celebrations with teams in Washington, DC and Charlottesville, Virginia focused on creating celebrations that speak to and of our clients.







Anyvent Event Planning services are designed for the couple who does not want to compromise on the details despite their busy lifestyle. We will use our industry knowledge and design expertise to guide you through every step of the planning process with ease.


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Your guide to learning the top 7 things that you should do first as a newly engaged couple so  that you can start planning with confidence. 

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It's our mission to create a fun and structured way to plan that will allow you to look back at this journey with fondness and joy.  We create a stress free planning experience that will allow you to enjoy the moments that you are most looking forward to during the planning process, while allowing you to take a hands off approach to your most tedious wedding tasks. 

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Wedding trends are ever changing, one moment everyone is getting married in a rustic barn in the countryside and the next we are seeing private ceremonies and restaurant receptions‚Ķon two separate days. Wedding trends can be described as fickle and inconsistent, but as a wedding planner, we love it!¬† We love new and inspiring ideas, […]

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